When Is 'Deadliest Catch' 2017 Starting And Are The Captains Superstitious That This is Season 13?|Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images

When Is ‘Deadliest Catch’ 2017 Starting And Are The Captains Superstitious That This Is Season 13?

Season 13 of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch is starting on April 11. Is Captain Sig Hansen returning to fish after his heart attack? What tradition do the captains continue year after year? Could lucky season number 13 challenge the Deadliest Catch star’s superstitions?

Starting with what could be the biggest obstacle for the highly superstitious sailors this season is the number 13. Yes, these fishermen who work the deadliest job in the world might feel superstitious about this 13th season of Deadliest Catch. Both Captain Keith and Captain Sig have weighed in on their feelings about this being Season 13 of the popular Discovery Channel show.

Sig starts the superstitious 13 conversation by declaring, “Thirteen! Not a lucky number.”

Yet, it is Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard that explains how the fishermen go out of their way to avoid saying “13” on the boat any chance they get!

“It’s season 13 of Deadliest Catch. I don’t like that number. We’re superstitious by nature– we try not to use the number 13. I’m saying it right now cause I’m not on the boat. On deck if they give me a count they won’t give me that number they’ll give me ’12 + 1.'”

Although the captains may not like the number 13, Captain Sig Hansen might want to rethink his superstitions a bit. Many fans could consider the previous season a very unlucky period of time for Sig and for the Northwestern.

Last season, Deadliest Catch Season 12, the Hansen family-owned Northwestern had a dangerous fire, and to top that off, Sig had a serious heart attack. The season ended with the captain in the hospital, and a big question mark was on whether Sig would return back to crab fishing or be forced to retire due to his health. And then the question was whether his daughter Mandy would replace him at the helm. Could this be the year that brother Edgar, who has been chomping at the bit for years, would become the Northwestern captain?

It doesn’t sound like viewers have to wait for the season to start for that answer!

There has already been a new video released that features Sig with his ever-present cigarette in hand. Here, the captain declares that he is indeed returning to the job he loves. Sig then proceeds to list all of the different ways he plans to make this season the one that will not tax his body. Fishing is in his blood, and he will say whatever needs to be said to keep working in this dangerous job that he loves.

“It took a little decision making but I wanna go fish. With that in mind, I feel like I have to do a few things a little different.”

What does Sig mean by “a little different”? The captain explains that he is going to “really pay attention to my sleep patterns, not gonna get angry,” and proceeded to promise that his stress levels will be “in check,” all the while the images shown include some of the opposite things happening. His intentions are good, and Sig’s fans have to appreciate his intentions are sincere!

What could actually work in his favor is that Sig intends on having former Northwestern crew member/current Saga Captain Jake Anderson and Brenna A Captain Sean Dwyer help him out. In the past, Sig has been burned by Jake, so he may be placing a lot of unrealistic hope that Captain Jake’s cooperation will help him relieve stress. Last time around, this caused Sig more stress.

Wizard Captain Keith Colburn’s strategy is that he does not repeat the previous year’s hot spot. Unlike some of the other captains, Keith is not from a fishing family, so he does not return to the family “hot spot.” Instead, Captain Keith declares that he uses “science” to find the crab.

Although Captain Johnathan Hillstrand has announced that he plans on retiring from fishing, fans are wondering about Captain Andy. The Inquisitr previously reported that Andy Hillstrand did fish this crab season, although they were not sure if Andy will make the final show cut. The Deadliest Catch Twitter page has already tweeted a photo of Andy, so this looks promising and should please fans of the Time Bandit.

Discovery also released a video of some of the stars of the Deadliest Catch digging into a crab dinner. Here, Sig asks the rhetorical question, “Are you born a fisherman or do you become a fisherman?”‘

Captain Sean instantly says “this is my passion,” as well as sharing that there is family pride when he is fishing.

Everyone agrees that being sustainable and making sure there is crab for the next season is important. This is following in the philosophical sustainability tradition of their fathers and the fisherman before them.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor takes the fishermen full circle. This delicious crab is why they risk their lives to provide consumers with something special. As Sig explains, what they fish is the best of the best and everyone benefits.

“Truth is, we have to go out there in the winter and we do have to risk our lives for this kind of crab. But, that’s when the quality is the best! Something about the Pacific Northwest. When you look at these things, they are a grade A, number one. We go out and pick the best that we can find. It comes right back here on the plate.”

Are you excited about the Deadliest Catch Season 13 starting on April 11? Do you think that they should have skipped the 13 and gone straight to 14?

[Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]