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72-Year-Old Man Leaves His Wife For His 27-Year-Old Tennis Coach

It is always lovely when a couple celebrates their golden wedding anniversary. Arthur Hughes and Maureen Hughes were just about to hit the magic number of 50 years when Arthur came home and told his wife that it was all over. Arthur had fallen for his tennis instructor, Sarah Douglas, who at 27 years old was the woman of his dreams. Oddly enough, she felt the same way about him.

Sarah, who was once tipped as a future Wimbledon champ and knew stars like Tim Henman, met Arthur through their work as charity volunteers. Now living in a rented cottage, they say they are in love.

But the quiet town of Mold, North Wales has been rocked by the scandal. Hughes was, at one point, considered the pillar of his community. Arthur was was even honored by Gordon Brown at Downing Street for his volunteer work. He and his wife Maureen have been living in the town for decades and were very well known. Now Maureen is only known for the humiliation that her husband put her through.

Arthur insisted to The Sun:

“The age difference means nothing. Our relationship was meant to be.”

Sarah added:

“It was love at first sight. I’m really happy with Arthur.”

Douglad and Hughes continue to work in a center for people with learning disabilities located in a Methodist Church.

Arthur claims he tried to resist Sarah’s charms, but, one night, when he was walking her home, they had a kiss and he felt a spark between them that he couldn’t ignore.

Sarah’s mom is still very much against the union, saying:

“I’m disgusted. Arthur Hughes is a dirty old man.”

Do you think there is anything wrong with Arthur and Sarah’s relationship?