Secret Service agent to Mike Pence busted for allegedly soliciting prostitute.

Secret Service Agent To Mike Pence Suspended After Allegedly Meeting Prostitute In Maryland

Vice President Mike Pence has recently made headlines over an alleged refusal to dine alone with women other than his wife; reportedly, a Secret Service agent on his detail has been busted for doing precisely the opposite. According to reports, the still unnamed agent who had been entrusted with guarding the life of the VP was busted for solicitation of prostitution in Maryland last week after he was allegedly seen leaving the hotel room of a prostitute.

As CNN reports, the Secret Service agent to Mike Pence got caught allegedly engaging in prostitution-related activities after the manager of the unknown hotel called police to report “suspicious activity” taking place in one of the hotel’s rooms. CNN cites “multiple law enforcement sources,” all of which remain unnamed at this time. According to at least one of those sources, the Secret Service agent in question was not caught up in a sting of any kind when he was allegedly snagged after leaving the hotel room of an alleged prostitute.

Apparently, responding officers felt that they had enough evidence that Mike Pence’s Secret Service agent was arrested immediately after leaving the alleged prostitute’s hotel room. He would go on to be charged with solicitation.

After his arrest, the agent is said to have willingly come forward and reported himself to his Secret Service superiors, who are reported to have suspended him, placing the agent to Mike Pence on administrative leave. It is unknown at this time whether that leave is paid or unpaid.

Conditions of the agent’s leave reportedly include surrendering his service weapon and other government gear as well as immediately losing his government clearance and Secret Service access to various government and other locations and property.

While the Secret Service isn’t saying much about the unnamed agent on Mike Pence’s detail being suspended for allegedly soliciting a prostitute, the incident wouldn’t be the first time that the agency became embroiled in a prostitution scandal. As Fox News reports, almost two dozen Secret Service agents were caught up in a 2012 incident in Cartagena, Colombia. In the debacle, multiple agents stood accused of inviting local prostitutes into their hotel while waiting for then-President Obama to arrive for the Summit of the Americas.

To add insult to injury in the 2012 case (which resulted in disciplinary actions and even termination for the Secret Service agents involved), the investigator into the incident later resigned after he too was accused of soliciting a prostitute. That investigator, David Nieland, was reportedly caught up in a Broward County, Florida, prostitution investigation.

Similarly to the Mike Pence Secret Service agent busted last week allegedly leaving a prostitute’s hotel room, Nieland was caught by police both entering and exiting a known prostitution location. Later, a prostitute would implicate the Secret Service probe leader, picking him from a photo as a man who had paid her for sex.

In the case of Mike Pence’s Secret Service agent who allegedly got caught after seeking the services of a prostitute, it is unknown whether or not he will be returning to duty in the future. A spokesperson for the Secret Service reportedly acknowledged an “alleged incident,” adding that the situation is being investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility, despite being self-reported by the Secret Service agent in question.

According to the agency, while the Secret Service agent was on Mike Pence’s detail when he was caught allegedly soliciting prostitution, he was not on duty at the time. Law enforcement sources with information about the arrest of the agent have confirmed that when he was busted, he “did not present himself in his official capacity.”

Even though he was off duty, it’s possible that this agent’s alleged indiscretion may have cost him his job, at least according to a Secret Service spokesperson.

“We are exploring the full range of disciplinary actions.”

At this point, neither Donald Trump nor Mike Pence have spoken out regarding the allegations against the Secret Service agent.

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