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Kenya Moore Sad? ‘RHOA’ Star Looking Gloomy After Restraining Order Drama

Kenya Moore thought she had found love last year while filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was filming scenes with Matt Jordan and she started talking about marriage and starting a family. Fans truly felt that she had found the love of her life, as he defended her and made her happy. But when this newest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started, fans learned that Moore and Matt were going through some issues. He had been violent on a trip to Mexico, and despite not touching her he had kicked in a hotel door. This was enough for Kenya to question the relationship.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she’s feeling gloomy and sad. And it makes sense, given she has gone through quite a bit this year. Moore completely split from Matt while the show was airing and things have gotten so bad that she filed to get a restraining order against him. One can imagine this is heartbreaking, as Kenya did love him at some point.

“It’s gloomy outside but I’m Pushing through today… xo,” Kenya Moore revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself looking rather gloomy and sad.

Luckily for Moore, plenty of Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers were ready to give her some motivational love and encouragement.

It's gloomy outside but I'm Pushing through today… xo

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“You seem to have always persevered in your life, this is no different besides you have so many things to be proud of! And your gorgeous that never hurts!!! Much love,” one person wrote in reply to Moore on her Instagram post about being sad, but some people had plenty of comments about how Moore invites the drama that comes her way.

“I was not insulting Kenya in anyway. She is beautiful, but she just looked more sad in this pic than any other I have seen of her. I adore her and think she sets a powerful example for all women. I, however do feel disheartened that you felt the need to insult me in your comment,” one person wrote in defense of another comment, while a second follower wrote something similar.

“I never said anything bad about Kenya. I think she is beautiful and sets an example for women of any race. Of course, I’ve never been Mrs America, so I certainly don’t think I look better than her, but that is no reason to insult me regardless of what you think. I only said she looked sad because she’s always smiling and twirling,” the Instagram user wrote on Moore’s page.

The fit from #rhoa and @kandi #olg #oldladygang

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But some people really do feel that Moore didn’t deserve anything that happened to her in regards to Jordan this year. One person wrote to Kenya on Instagram, saying she’s sweet and she needs to keep her head up, as she’s quite enjoyable on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Many viewers see her as a strong woman, who can handle just about anything, including an abusive man.

“Kenya Moore,,,, You are hilarious & a lot sweeter this season! Tried not to like you, but find myself laughing at your quick wit! You make the show,” one Real Housewives of Atlanta viewer wrote to Kenya Moore, encouraging her to stay happy and positive – and return for another season of the show.

And it sounds like her co-stars want to be there for her, as Cynthia Bailey has been friends with Kenya this season and she has done her best to support her.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s Instagram post? Do you think she’s emotional these days, as she’s had to get a restraining order against Matt Jordan?

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