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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake’s Adventure Now Includes A Witch-Will Franco Figure It All Out?

It seems that General Hospital is turning into a weird version of The Wizard of Oz all of a sudden. With Jake Webber being forced to go through therapy with Dr. Andre Maddox now instead of Franco, things are slowly taking shape into what happened to him on Cassadine Island. Well, sort of. It looks like it is getting quite a bit more complicated right now, but the boy’s time with Helena Cassadine will come to light soon enough.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Jason and Elizabeth took Jake to see Andre. The little guy was not too keen on this whole thing. He wants to go back to art therapy with Franco. This is what brought the scarecrow to life in the first place when Jake had drawn it on the blank timeline of his few years with Helena. Now, Jason has banished Franco from his son’s life. However, Jake will be making contact with Franco next week, according to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps.

Apparently, it will be a cryptic message from Jake that Franco will get. What will that be? Will it include the scarecrow? General Hospital fans are waiting to see how this all plays out and who this is that represents this character that Jake keeps mentioning. He did make a little bit of headway while he was in the office with Andre. Jake grabbed two Wizard of Oz characters from the box of figurines that the doctor had. Of course, one of them was the scarecrow. However, the witch has come into the picture as well.

When Dr. Maddox asked him if the witch set the scarecrow on fire like in the movie, Jake said no. He told him that they were actually friends. Not only are viewers trying to take a guess as to who the scarecrow represents, but now another person has come into the mix. Who are the characters that Jake is referring to that he had encountered on Cassadine Island?

This mystery is getting stranger by the minute. Jake’s time with Helena Cassadine has been a long time coming, and General Hospital fans are ready to find out the truth of what happened to him during the time that he was in the clutches of the Cassadine matriarch. It is definitely time for this all to come out.

The scarecrow and the witch seem to represent the people that he spent time with while he was away from his family. The witch most likely represents Helena and that character seems to fit her to a tee. After all, she loved to hand out curses and could be quite evil as seen over the years on General Hospital.

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However, the scarecrow is definitely a mystery as viewers have been trying to figure out who that would be. Many soap fans are pretty sure that it will turn out to be Valentin Cassadine as the scarecrow. That has yet to be determined, but his past is still very unclear at the moment. It is coming into play piece by piece.

Valentin did tell Jason that there is a scarecrow on the island as he remembers it, but that was all the info he could muster for him as to why Jake would draw a one. However, Valentin’s expression after Jason walked out the door may have told a different story.

Who will get the truth out of Jake? Franco is trying to hold back from making contact with the boy that he has grown to love. He is trying to put his feelings aside because of Jason, but Jake doesn’t understand it all. Liz wants to be with Franco, but she is also putting her son first. She is still committed to Franco as General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central state that she will reassure her guy that she still wants a life with him despite having to comply with Jason’s wishes concerning their son.

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What are your thoughts on this mystery surrounding Jake Webber and Cassadine Island? Will the tin man and the lion come into play as well? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see the rest of Jake’s adventure.

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