viewers criticize Mama June weight loss following her parenting decisions

Mama June Shannon Criticized For Weight Loss Amid Controversy With Her Kids

Mama June might have lost a significant amount of weight, but she’s still facing critics who don’t agree with her parenting ways. The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star dropped 300 pounds thanks to a personal trainer, diet, and several weight loss surgeries, and viewers are quick to point out that being thin doesn’t make June a good mama all of a sudden.

In fact, Facebook users have left numerous comments on a post by People magazine detailing June’s diet plans. The article goes in-depth on how Shannon plans to keep off the hundreds of pounds she lost, but that’s not what has most followers talking.

One Facebook commenter mentioned the fact Mama June subjected her young daughters to a sex offender she was once dating.

“She got it cut off and sucked out that’s how she lost the weight. This isn’t news anybody who supports this woman is nuts. She STILL had her kids around a molester. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.”

In case fans don’t remember the drama, June was once romantically involved with a man named Mark McDaniel, who her eldest daughter accused of sexual assault. June met with Mark after he was released from prison in order to give her daughter, Pumpkin, some closure after she was raised believing he was her biological father.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shannon admitted Pumpkin’s father was also convicted of sexually assaulting minors.

“Shannon also revealed for the first time her claim that Pumpkin’s biological father is also the father of her 18-year-old daughter Jessica. His name is Michael Anthony Ford, he is a convicted sex offender who served time for sexual exploitation of minors after being caught on To Catch a Predator in 2005.”

And it seems viewers of Mama June: From Not to Hot aren’t forgetting about her torrid past as they continue to berate her parenting choices on social media. The public seems to be more interested in the WE tv star’s parenting than what size dress she can finally fit as they leave comments on People magazine’s latest article.

“All the weight loss in the world doesn’t mean s**t if your a horrible person. And this trailer trash is no exception. I’m not praising no ‘woman’ who knowingly had a child molester around her children. She needs her a** whooped!”

#MamaJune is almost unrecognizable in new photos showing off her slimmed-down figure. Tap the link in the bio to see more and learn about how she lost the weight. |????: @perryhagopian

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Others criticized media outlets for giving Mama June even more attention to be in the public eye after she allowed Mark McDaniel to have contact with her daughters after he was released from prison.

“She may look unrecognizable physically, however she still is trash in my book, that knew her daughter was molested and brought back the perpetrator to their lives!! So sick of the media keep giving this woman the opportunity to keep her in the public eye! SMGDH.”

However, it’s not just the fact Shannon once was involved with convicted pedophiles that have people talking, as some commenters are now encouraging the mother of four to pursue education.

“Now it’s time to spend some money on an education! Beauty is only skin deep, and these little girls need a good example.”

Facebook users also said it doesn’t matter how much weight June loses if she still allows her youngest daughters to continue eating junk food. This particular topic has come up several times as viewers constantly question Shannon’s motivations of losing weight as she continues to let youngest daughter Alana Thompson eat unhealthy foods.

“So she’s going to allow her kids to keep eating junk but she doesn’t want them to be 460 pounds? She’s their parent. If she wants them to eat healthy, she needs to buy them healthy food and make them healthy meals. That’s her responsibility as their mother.”

#MamaJune looking great ????????????????????

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Other commenters weren’t so subtle in their judgment of Mama June as they compared her to a barn animal based on her past behavior.

“You can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a pig. Her behavior over the years has been abhorrent. Who cares if she slimmed down. Is she keeping molesters away from her kids and feeding them healthier meals?”

Of course, plenty of Facebook comments defended Mama June as they said they’re done with all the hate towards her as a parent.

“I’m going to be positive on here. I’m done with HATE. Shannon is definitely on the right path no matter what her motives were, this is good to see. Her children will see she’s taking care of herself and can finally set a good example for them.”

Perhaps Shannon’s daughter will see her weight loss as a positive change and attempt to make healthier choices in their own lives. Or perhaps June will help her girls get healthy now that she has a new outlook on life. However, it’s safe to assume some viewers will never be on the Mama June fan team as they continue to critique her past parenting decisions.

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