drake personal trainer reveals workout plan

Drake’s Personal Trainer Reveals Workout Plan That Keeps The Rapper In Shape

Drake has transformed into a hip-hop heartthrob over the years, and now, his personal trainer, Jonny Roxx, is revealing the workout moves that the rapper keeps in his exercise repertoire.

Drake’s physique can be credited to his personal trainer, Jonny Roxx, also known as @ovojonnyroxx on Instagram.

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The workout guru extraordinaire is a fellow Toronto native, along with Drake. He also works many well-known professional athletes like Brandon Jennings of the Washington Wizards, Amir Johnson of the Boston Celtics, and British Formula One racing driver Louis Hamilton, according to People.

Roxx admitted that onstage performances are an athletic event in and of themselves.

“Going onstage is a lot like performing in a sport. He’s up there for two hours running back and forth and jumping up and down in front of such a big crowd.”

Drake’s trainer said that he and the rapper are working on trying to hit a “compound workout right now.”

“We do benching, we do dead lifts, we do a lot of squats. He’s very results-oriented.”

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Jonny Roxx has some “secrets” coming up for Drake fans

“Right now we’re putting on size, and I’m gonna cut him down a little bit for the summertime [laughs]. We have some secrets coming up, so I can’t spoil them all, but we’ve got something coming up so he’s getting ready for that.”

The workout professional said that he definitely believes “burpees” to be the rapper’s least favorite activity in the gym.

“And like, I still hate burpees [laughs]. Everything else he’s ready to go on, but burpees, I can see his face and he’s like, I hate you, man.”

Drake likes to keep a consistent workout schedule on tour

Jonny said that during the rapper’s tour is when they have the most “consistent schedule” because “everything is regimented.”

With the exception of one or two days off, the pair usually keeps to their exercise schedule of “every single show.”

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Drake’s choreographer, Tanisha Scott, also spoke with People at the launch of GapFit’s “Make Your Move” campaign and said that dancing and choreography played a major role in Drake’s overall performance.

“For any stage show, choreography is extremely important, not just for artists that do dance, but you want to put on the best show that you possibly can. So having dancers added is like having accessories, like a moving accessory, that helps you accentuate and brighten your show and take it to another level.”

Drake likes to listen to “all kinds of different music” during workouts

Roxx commented that the two men were from Toronto where there is a “very Caribbean influence,” so they like to listen to a lot of reggae.

“And you’ll hear unreleased music that he’s listening to and working through as he’s working out, which is a cool thing.”

Jonny Roxx credited Drake for his dedication and said that the pair set goals for him to accomplish, but they have been working out together consistently for the last three years to get where they are today.

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