Watch April the giraffe live as she prepares for birth

April The Giraffe Live: Thrilling Changes Underway As Labor Nears, Watch Cam Now

There are thrilling changes underway for April, the giraffe, as she nears active labor and you can watch it live online in the cam below. The 15-year-old reticulated giraffe lives at the Harpursville, New York, Animal Adventure Park (AAP) where she and zoo staff are preparing for active labor that will take place during a live streaming feed. Amazingly, April managed to keep the exact timeframe of her pregnancy secret causing many to expect her to enter active labor first in January, and then in February.

Now, as March comes to a close, some are hoping she holds out just a little while longer and has an April Fool’s day baby calf. Others are hoping she has her giraffe baby now. While we might not know the exact due date, or the day April’s active labor will begin, significant changes show that she will enter active labor soon.

If you haven’t watched April, the giraffe, live, you can view the cam in the video playlist below. Also included are featured AAP videos showing exclusive and unique behind-the-scenes footage from the park and the giraffe barn.

April’s live giraffe cam quickly became a viral sensation and demand for the feed has increased now that she is ready to give birth. There were many changes April needed to undergo to reach labor, delivery, and birth, and she has met them all. First, April’s belly needed to enlarge and the baby calf needed to make visible kicks. April’s belly has grown tremendously over the past several weeks. You can see photos comparing April’s changes in her belly below.

April’s live feed began streaming on Feb. 10, 2017, and the Inquisitr first broke the story on Feb. 15. It’s been quite a journey with many people watching the live cam and waiting for the birth of her calf. As the live giraffe cam went viral, so did demand for giraffe-themed items. April has taken over many households worldwide, and all eyes are watching the live feed and waiting for April’s labor to begin so that they may see the giraffe.

In addition to stomach changes, April needed to undergo changes in her udders. It can be difficult viewing April’s udders on the live cam, but the Animal Adventure Park uploaded many photos showing her progress. Because her udders have enlarged and are filled, it is likely the calf will be born sometime tomorrow or the following day. April loves to fool the public and has done so before. No one is really sure exactly when labor will begin, but those watching the live feed can tell that April is behaving different and something is going on. You can see recent photos of April’s udders below.

As April continues on her journey to birth her calf live, online, her udders have continued to enlarge. According to the latest Animal Adventure Park update, it is not expected that April’s udders will have any more growth. What this means is that April is fully prepared to birth her calf and there are no more significant physical or behavioral changes that must be made in order for her giraffe baby to be born.

While many people enjoy watching the Animal Adventure Park live cam featuring April, the giraffe, because they want to witness the miracle of life, others say they watch because they find the giraffe soothing. April has had a profound impact on many people worldwide and some simply can’t understand what the draw is. Some have questioned if whether April’s live cam became a huge success due to political tensions and the elections.

We live in a society where news is broadcast 24/7 and you can easily watch CNN or Fox all day for two divisive views on politics. April’s live cam has put a temporary pause on political drama and has even brought many people together. If you follow April on social media networks, you’ll quickly see that many credit April with bringing a sense of unity and peace to their lives.

Though some may never understand the phenomenon surrounding April, the giraffe, it is highly possible that the controversial aspects surrounding President Donald Trump, and the fight amongst Republicans and Democrats may have inadvertently resulted in the giraffe’s viral success.

Considering that April’s live cam began streaming on Feb. 10 and President Trump was sworn into office on January 20, 2017, it isn’t hard to see a connection. When President Trump first took office, protests swept the streets and rallies were everywhere. Now, there are more than 100,000 people sitting in their homes or on their apps and tablets, watching April’s live cam simultaneously. Could these people be some who were so distraught over the political climate that they would rather watch April’s live feed than hear about the latest political drama? If this is the case, then it is also possible that April’s live giraffe cam has become an escape or even an addition for those who are dissatisfied with the world. Will there be a sweeping wave of sadness after April has her giraffe baby and the live cam goes offline?

April is only one giraffe, but it seems there was great timing with her live cam going viral. The nation needed a break from all the hate and it seems that April’s pregnancy and live feed provided a much-needed outlet for many. People began speaking to one another again, and no one asked if someone was a Democrat or a Republican if they supported Trump or Hillary, but instead they were talking about April’s stomach growing, how many times she lifted her tail, and how sweet-natured she was for a giraffe. One of the most popular names that circulated on social media for April’s baby giraffe has been Unity. Though there will be a baby-naming contest, many have suggested the calf’s name be Unity whether a boy or girl, because of the way April managed to bring people together.

Are you watching April, the giraffe, live online via the cam? Are you thrilled about the exciting changes and progress April has made? Are you ready for the birth of her calf? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by PhotoStock-Israel/Shutterstock]