#LetNannyGoToProm: Bryce Maine Wants Granny Catherine Maine At Eufaula High Prom

#LetNannyGoToProm: Bryce Maine Wants Granny Catherine Maine At Eufaula High Prom

There’s a big ruckus going on in Eufaula, Alabama, which has caused the hashtag called #LetNannyGoToProm to go viral on social media. It all stems from a high school senior named Bryce Maine who wanted to have his grandmother accompany him to prom at Eufaula High School. Since Catherine Maine had never been to a prom, Bryce believed it would be a great opportunity for his “Nanny” to get to go to the Eufaula High School dance while Bryce could celebrate turning 18 years of age with his grandmother.

However, when Maine told Eufaula High School of his plans to “let Nanny go to prom,” Bryce and Catherine got a big “no” on their plans for the Maines to attend the senior prom together on Bryce’s 18th birthday. There was a bunch of love shown to Bryce for including his Nanny in his “promposal,” however, the Eufaula High School principal said no to Nanny attending the Eufaula High School prom.

As seen in the above Facebook post from Sarah Catherine, cousin to Bryce, Sarah railed against the fact that the Eufaula High School denied her Nanny the opportunity to go to prom.

According to WMC Action News 5, out Memphis, Tennessee, Nanny had already purchased her prom dress, as seen in the above photo. Nanny had already made plans to attend the Eufaula High School prom, but now the principal of Eufaula High School won’t let Nanny go to prom. The post began to go viral, ever since being published to Facebook on Tuesday. The Facebook post has been shared nearly 2,000 times and has received hundreds of Facebook reactions and comments.

However, with all the attention the saga of Nanny is getting online, the Eufaula City Schools Board of Education has not changed their minds about letting Nanny go to prom. A Eufaula High School teacher also got in touch with Bryce to let him know why Nanny can’t go to prom.

The hashtag #LetNannyGoToProm was a trending Twitter topic, but the Eufaula City Schools Board of Education believes that letting Nanny go to prom would set a precedence and mean that Eufaula High School students in the future would begin bringing their grandmothers to prom as a joke and make “a mockery” out of Eufaula High School. That’s the update Sarah gave to her viral Facebook post, with Sarah writing that Eufaula High School officials wanted the viral Facebook post taken down, but according to her, “It ain’t happening!”

Closing out her viral Facebook post with the hashtags #letnannygotoprom and #letnanniegotoprom, Sarah continues to go viral online. With the scheduled date of Eufaula High School’s prom looming in one week, set for Saturday, April 8, the Eufaula High School big wigs still have about a week to change their minds and #LetNannyGoToProm. However, according to the Eufaula High School Student Handbook on page No. 44, the following reasons are being given for denying Nanny from going to prom.

“The Junior-Senior Prom is a cherished event held in the spring of each year. Attendees must be under the age of twenty and/or should be enrolled at EHS. Non-EHS students who are planning to attend as dates must present a valid photo ID verifying their age prior to admittance. Students planning to bring a non-EHS student as a date must also inform the prom sponsor no later than two weeks prior to the event. Students who purchase tickets for dates who have not been previously approved to attend are subject to the forfeiture of the Non-Refundable prom ticket. Inappropriate attire, as deemed by the administration, which violates the decency and modesty clause of the ECS Code of Conduct will not be permitted.”

The principal of Eufaula City Schools, Steve Hawkins, noted that the safety of the Eufaula High School teachers and students is first and foremost of concern, and that each year Eufaula High School have been denied the opportunity to bring older dates to prom.

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