The Baby Giraffe Watch Continues

Baby Giraffe Watch: Here’s Why April The Giraffe’s Pregnancy Matters

The baby giraffe watch on Animal Adventure Park’s April the Giraffe has become a trend online as well as in the entire animal kingdom as the pregnant giraffe comes close to giving birth.

According to the March 27 evening update from the park, April is “getting there” as her mammary development proceeds slowly but­ surely. Also, as far as the park’s expectations go, there will no longer be further swelling of the pregnant giraffe’s back side which means udder changes are the only ones being monitored.

The baby giraffe watch on April The Giraffe became an online sensation after the staff of the AAP found out that she is pregnant. Since then, the worldwide web had been treated to several Animal Adventure Park updates that cover everything from April’s pregnant lady mood antics to the technical aspects of giraffe pregnancy.

According to most recent updates on April the Giraffe’s gestation, her wax caps are still present although this may not always indicate an impending calf delivery, according to one follower who posted a comment on the Animal Adventure Park update on Facebook.

Still, April is seemingly closer to delivery than ever considering that her tail continues to go up and down for the past few hours, an indicator that the AAP sensation is experiencing labor pains. To top that off, baby giraffe watch updates reveal that her teats are looking a bit swollen which means it is gradually being filled with milk for her baby.

A previous report from the Inquisitr noted that some signs that a giraffe is getting ready to give birth include mammary changes as well as stretching of the giraffe’s neck. Aside from these, the Animal Planet revealed other details about a pregnant giraffe’s labor process.

“Giraffes give birth while standing up so a calf enters the world from quite a height. They fall 6 feet to the ground with hooves and head first.”

According to past Animal Adventure Park updates, giraffe gestation period lasts for 15 months or between 453 to 464 days.

When the moment of birth finally arrives, the giraffe’s calf makes a grand entrance by being dropped from a great height. While it may seem painful and abrupt, the Animal Planet notes that it effectively accomplishes three important things: breaking the amniotic sac, severing the umbilical cord, and urging the baby giraffe to breathe.

Animal Adventure Park updates also revealed how April had been moody for the past couple of days. She even tried to strike at the AAP vet who successfully dodged the pregnant giraffe’s hoof while she remained as sweet as she had been to other caretakers like Alyssa.

While the baby giraffe watch continues with no end date since AAP animal experts do not know April’s exact due date, there is a good chance that the popular pregnant giraffe will be delivering her fourth calf—the first to be born in the park—very soon. When that happens, April’s baby will be added to the declining number of giraffe’s all over the world.

“According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are approximately 80,000 giraffes currently on the African continent, a 40% loss from 1999 when the populations were at 140,000,” the Animal Planet explained.

April the Giraffe became an Internet sensation as her pregnancy provides the AAP with the chance to educate the world that the miracle of birth is not only applicable for humans but also for animals. The baby giraffe watch also aids the park and other animal rights enthusiasts to raise awareness about the endangerment of creatures like giraffes and provide a means to help save them.

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