Does Maddie Ziegler have a boyfriend in 2017?

Does Maddie Ziegler Have A Boyfriend In 2017? The ‘Dance Moms’ Star Isn’t Saying

Does Maddie Ziegler have a boyfriend in 2017? The answer: possibly. She started the year sharing Instagram photos of herself and an Australian lad named Jack Ryan, but that was two months ago. Since that time, she hasn’t said much about her relationship status.

As AOL reported back in January, Maddie was swinging through Australia doing her dance tour, as well as promoting her animated film, Ballerina. It appears that while she was in the Land Down Under, she met a young gent named Jack Kelly, and she presented the two as an item. At least, that’s what she seemed to be indicating on social media. Specifically, she posted a shot on Instagram showing her in a bathroom with the young lad’s arms around her.


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She didn’t say anything about it, except to provide a heart caption, indicating love.

Jack Kelly posted the exact same photo on his own Instagram account at more or less the same time. And as any teenager will tell you, liking or sharing an Instagram photo is tantamount to confirming a relationship.

A while earlier, Maddie posted a slightly less romantic photo of herself and Jack enjoying some bowling along with another friend.


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Right now, a couple of points need to be made. First of all, Maddie is a child (she’s 14), and teenagers that age don’t exactly “date” (neither of them is even old enough to drive) as much as cuddle and hold hands and share sweet nothings. Second, they obviously live on separate continents, so now that Maddie has put Australia in her rear view mirror, her supposed relationship with Jack is going to face some logistical difficulties. Especially with all of those boys who live closer to her clamoring for her attention.

So who is Jack Kelly? The short answer: Who knows? The long answer: Apparently he’s just another Australian boy who has done nothing to attain any sort of celebrity status. And as for where they met, again, who knows? About all anyone can say definitively about their meeting is that it took place in Australia.

It appears that Maddie’s fans didn’t take the news of her dating Jack Kelly particularly well. In the comments on her Instagram photo, some are supportive, while others are a little menacing. The negative comments appear directed at Jack in case he has any ill intentions or is planning on being less than a gentleman.

“If you break her heart, I’ll f***ing kill you ok? Have a good relationship”

“Dude if you ever hurt her, I’ll hunt you down. But [for real] Maddie is made of gold, treat her right.”

Apart from the thinly-veiled threats, it appears that Jack Kelly’s rumored relationship with Maddie Ziegler has provided another benefit to the Australian lad: thousands of people have flocked to his Instagram account to see what he’s about.

Of course, that was all two months ago, and in the world of teenage relationships – especially cross-continental relationships where one of the partners is a busy celebrity, with demanding touring and production schedules — things change quickly. If Maddie and Jack are still a thing, even on paper, or if she’s taken up with a new lad, she isn’t saying.

What Maddie is saying these days consists largely of a lot of behind-the-scenes dirt from her days on Dance Moms; in particular, her difficulties with troubled former coach Abby Lee Miller in her new book, The Maddie Diaries.

Is Maddie Ziegler too young to have a boyfriend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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