The preview for 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 84 teased a battle between Krillin and Gohan.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Ep 84 Preview Analysis: Krillin’s New Move Against SSJB Goku

Dragon Ball Super is taking its time building up to the Tournament of Power. With just a little time to go before the multiverse tournament commences, Son Goku has started scouting possible teammates in the greatest battle the franchise has ever attempted. First on his list of potential members for Universe 7’s team is lifelong friend and oldest ally, Krillin. If the preview for DBS Episode 84 is any indication, it appears that the short and stocky warrior might have a few tricks up his sleeve in the battle to come.

The short preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 teased an interesting turn of events when Goku attempted to recruit his old friend to the Universe 7 team. As stated by the Saiyan in the voiceover of the preview, Krillin has been training on his own and has developed a new technique. With this in mind, next week’s episode would feature Krillin finally proving himself to his powerful friend. Noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship has translated a summary for Episode 84 from Weekly Shonen Jump, an anime/manga themed Japanese publication.

“Krillin’s comeback as a martial artist?! This couple is Goku’s next scout pick! How powerful is Goku’s best friend Krillin these days…?!

“Goku and the gang gather teammates to enter the Tournament of Power. The next two picks are Goku’s best friend Krillin and his wife No. 18! Goku’s unexpected offer comes as a surprise to Kuririn, who’s already retired from the martial arts, but his reply is…?!

“Gohan This Week: undertaking a test of strength! In order to gauge Krillin’s true power, Gohan challenges him to a fight! How does this test of strength turn out? And what does Goku think after watching their battle?!”

As stated in the translated summary, it appears that Gohan would have some reservations about Krillin’s ability as a fighter. Thus, to prove that the stocky veteran is ready for a multiverse battle, he would have to try out his new moves against a formidable foe – Gohan.

The scenes in the preview were fast-paced, showing Krillin initially getting beaten around by Goku’s firstborn son, before fighting back resiliently amidst cheers from his daughter. Over the course of the DBS Episode 84 preview, Krillin was shown using his iconic Solar Flare move and attacking Gohan while the move was in full force.

By the final moments of the preview, Gohan appeared to be struggling against the much smaller fighter. Based on Goku’s narration of the teaser, it seems that the mighty Saiyan was impressed by Krillin’s fighting spirit. So impressed, in fact, that he decides to take on his friend in a full-on spar. The last scene of the teaser showed Goku in Super Saiyan Blue form, getting ready to fight with Krillin.

Unsurprisingly, the premise of Krillin fighting against SSJB Goku has polarized fans of the series, as could be seen in numerous posts in online forums such as Reddit. Many have noted that the sheer power level of Goku’s SSJB transformation should be far too much for Krillin to handle, even if the veteran fighter had been training on his own. SSJB, after all, was robust enough to stand toe-to-toe with foes such as Black Goku and, more recently, Toppo of Universe 11.

Despite this seemingly illogical development, however, the fact remains that Dragon Ball Super has been pretty liberal when it comes to the power level of its characters. This was shown fully during the Future Trunks Arc, when Trunks debuted the Super Saiyan Rage form, which was so powerful it effectively defeated the saga’s main villain. Thus, while the idea of Krillin training with SSJB Goku appears a bit too implausible, the anime would most likely be able to justify the power levels between the two fighters in some particular manner.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 would air next week, April 2. The anime series is broadcast in Japan on Fuji TV every Sunday at 9 a.m. local time.

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