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Leah Messer Talks ‘True Colors,’ Referring To Jenelle Evans After ‘Teen Mom’?

Leah Messer takes her job with MTV very seriously, and even though she has gone through anxiety, depression, and stress with her three daughters and two failed marriages, she still shows up when she has her contractual obligations. On the Teen Mom 2 finale this week, fans learned that Jenelle Evans had left the reunion special without filming her obligatory scenes for the opening and closing of the show. The producers asked Messer what she thought about the situation, and when Jenelle learned what Leah had said, she slammed her on social media.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer questioned people’s true colors, and even though she posted the quote before the reunion aired, it is possible that it refers to her. It’s no secret that the girls don’t always get along, and Evans has blocked some of her co-stars several times on social media. Plus, they don’t always talk to one another when they aren’t filming the reunion together.

Maybe Messer doesn’t want anything to do with Jenelle Evans, as the two live very different lives. While Evans has a criminal record and a lengthy list of mugshots, Messer has three children and is a single mother. She’s very motivated to do something great for herself and her daughters, so she has enrolled in school again. And over the past couple of months, Leah has been posting some motivational quotes.

Little sister, I love you so!❤️????

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“Get out of your own way. Fear, doubt, and low self-esteem are just some of the roadblocks that keep you from greatness. Use your intelligence to humbly seek the personal growth that will set you free. Your mind is powerful! Fill it with positive thoughts and watch how your life begins to change. Believe in yourself, trust your heart, listen to your gut, and commit to doing your best every single day!!!” read one of the quotes that Leah Messer shared on Instagram, telling people that they need to focus on their personal growth.

However, one of those quotes is about showing your true colors. And since she was recently slammed by Jenelle Evans, it is possible that Leah Messer was trying to share her opinions before the reunion aired on MTV. The quote is vague, but it’s clear that these two stars are not on the best of terms these days.


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“There are some people who will turn on you when you set boundaries according to your standards. This is because you’re no longer allowing them to take freely from you. When you start standing in your power and refuse to be used, the true colors of the people around you will show. Commanding respect energetically will cause you to lose some people along the way. However, they are ultimately those who were never really there for you in the first place. You were filling some need or void in them as well as within you. When you’re full as an individual, rid of the old void, there will be people who act rude, angry and hostile toward you,” Leah Messer wrote on Instagram over a week ago before the reunion special aired.

However, the girls did get together in Los Angeles to film the reunion special, and it is possible that Leah knew Jenelle wasn’t too happy with Messer’s opinion about her co-star. When you sign a contract, you should honor it – and that’s what Leah thinks Jenelle should have done. But that may have been easier said than done.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s quotes? Do you think the one about showing your true colors is about her Teen Mom co-stars?

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