'Pretty Little Liars' Spoilers: Ian Harding, Lucy Hale Discuss Ezra And Aria

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Ian Harding Discusses Ezra, Aria, And Nicole

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B premieres next month. Everyone is anxious to find out what is going to happen with the Rosewood residents. Two characters viewers are wondering about are Ezra and Aria (Lucy Hale). In a recent interview, Ian Harding discussed “Ezria” and Nicole’s (Rebecca Breeds) return. How will Aria Montgomery react? How will Ezra Fitz handle his dead fiancee suddenly turning up alive?

PLL spoilers are below. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect on the Freeform series.

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During the years, Ezra and Aria have experienced great love, but also some difficulties. There were times when fans suspected Ian Harding’s character was working for the enemy, or that he actually was “A.” The same can be said for Aria. A lot of theories were circulating about the characters, but nobody suspected that Ezra’s dead fiancee, Nicole, would turn up alive. However, this is exactly what happened on the midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Not only is Nicole alive, but Aria watched on television as Ezra kissed his former lover. Fans were outraged and angry. How will she deal with the situation when Season 7B returns in April 2017? According to TV Guide, Ian Harding teased that Aria Montgomery won’t be as furious as viewers think.

“There must be a little bit of anger. Aria and Ezra, apart from the fact they seem to be chased by a homicidal entity, they have a very healthy-ish relationship…[Aria] is empathetic. She does understand the situation he’s in, but yeah, I’d be pretty destroyed if the man I was in love with kissed another woman on international television. I’d be upset.”

Some PLL fans speculate that Aria might not get angry because she may have expected something bad to happen. On a show like Pretty Little Liars, it seems like the main characters can never really experience true happiness. Mostly, it was because of the mystery villain. Of course, just because Aria won’t be angry doesn’t mean she won’t feel upset, disappointed, or heartbroken. While some women would try to hold on to their man, Aria has a good heart. She has always tried to be empathetic and when it comes down to it, she probably feels bad for Nicole.

Ezra will have a decision to make. Does he go back with Nicole and resume the relationship they once had? Does he explain that he thought she was dead and has moved on with Aria? It’s a complicated situation for everyone. No matter what he does, someone is going to get hurt. So, how will Ezra Fitz handle Nicole’s return?

“He’s a little stressed. Just thinking about it makes me stressed and I know it’s not real. I think he’s a little torn. I think they handle it well, but yet there’s going to be a total crap storm around [Ezra].”

There are some fans who believe that Ezra and Aria still get married in Pretty Little Liars Season 7B. Back in October, Glamour examined a photo of Lucy Hale that Ian Harding posted on Instagram. The magazine noted that her hair was up in what could be considered a bridal hairstyle. She was wearing a red jacket that had “Harding” on it. Finally, the publication pointed out that there was a tiny bit of white fabric peeking out from underneath the jacket, suggesting it could be a wedding dress.

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What do you think of what Ian Harding had to say about “Ezria” and Nicole turning up alive? Do you believe that the PLL actor hinted that Ezra and Aria still get married in Pretty Little Liars Season 7B? Find out when the show returns to Freeform on April 18.

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