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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is There A Connection Between Liv And Valentin?

It has been an explosive couple of weeks on General Hospital with the supposed death of Julian Jerome, Nelle Hayes getting caught up in her lies, and the custody battle between Lulu Falconeri and Valentin Cassadine. There is also the destruction that Olivia Jerome has left behind. Now that she has been caught and is headed to prison, there is one hint that she could possibly be in cahoots with someone else or, at the very least, have some sort of secret connection with.

A General Hospital preview posted by the soap on Twitter shows Liv being hauled away to jail. This is actress Tonja Walker’s last week on the show, at least for now. The writers have left it wide open for her to come back in the future. All of the residents of Port Charles are breathing a sigh of relief that Liv will be gone. There is also one unexpected person, Valentin Cassadine, who seems to be quite interested in whether she is locked up.

The sneak peek revealed him talking to his custody lawyer, Nora Buchanan, and the two were talking about someone. While a name was not mentioned at all, Nora was heard telling him something important about a particular female in Port Charles, and all indications seem to be pointing towards Liv.

“I doubt she will ever see the light of day again.”

Right before that, Olivia Jerome was seen being hauled away from the courtroom in an orange jumpsuit and shackles. The next scene in the General Hospital preview showed Nora and Valentin chatting about someone being sent away for good. The smirk on Valentin’s face after Nora said that could be some kind of hint. Why would he be interested in Liv being sent away for good, or is Nora talking about someone else?

It could very well indicate that Valentin is happy that Liv won’t be around to hurt Anna Devane any longer. He has a complicated history with Anna and obviously cares about her, despite the fact that he kind of threatened her on yesterday’s episode. Of course, he is quite a mysterious man, so he could possibly have some sort of connection with Olivia Jerome.

Some have speculated that Valentin is actually not a villain at all. He has been rumored to be working undercover with the WSB, so if that was the case, he would definitely be happy that Liv has been sent to prison. However, nothing has been established just yet on whether he is a good guy after all or if he is the villain that he is portrayed as.

Liv will be using her last days on General Hospital tormenting Griffin, as SheKnows Soaps has indicated for this week. The Jerome sis is angry and even a little impressed that Dr. Munro had put one over on her the way he did by pretending to be his father, Duke Lavery. Now, she will continue to play games with him until she is sent away.

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Is Griffin Anna’s son? [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

How will she be playing with Griffin? It could have something to do with the secret that she says she has concerning Anna. Liv told her that she knows a secret about her, but that was it. She is playing games with her as well. One particular General Hospital rumor that has been swirling recently suggests Anna Devane is really Griffin’s mother. He is the child that she thought she lost many years ago, which is the secret she is holding over Anna.

How does this pertain to Valentin Cassadine? Does he possibly know this secret as well? If Nora Buchanan is talking about Liv, then there should be a reason why she would even mention it at all. Maybe he is just concerned about Anna. But then again, it sure would make it much more interesting if he is somehow connected to Olivia Jerome and would explain more about his past and why he seems to be so mysterious. He could even be the one who breaks her out of jail. Some speculations have said that she somehow escapes prison time.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Why do you think Valentin would be so interested in seeing Olivia Jerome locked up for good?

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