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Kelsey Grammer Show ‘Boss’ Gets Canceled, But Movie May Be In The Works

Kelsey Grammer Show 'Boss' Gets The Axe

Kelsey Grammer’s show Boss has been canceled, capping off what’s been a bad stretch of days for the actor.

The news that the show Boss will not come back for a third season came from The Hollywood Reporter. A statement from the network Starz noted that the decision was not an easy one.

“After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to not proceed with [a third season of] ‘Boss,'” Starz said in a statement. “We remain proud of this award-winning show, its exceptional cast and writers, and are grateful to Kelsey Grammer, [creator] Farhad Safinia and our partners at Lionsgate TV.”

There could still be hope for fans of Kelsey Grammer and Boss, The Huffington Post noted. The show could be turned inot a two-hour movie that wraps up plot lines surrounding Grammer’s character, Chicago Mayor Tom Kane. Starz and Lionsgate TV, the company that produces Boss, are reportedly in negotiations for the movie.

Though the show failed to get high ratings, it did developed a devoted fanbase and earned a Golden Globe award for Kelsey Grammer, along with a nomination for Best Drama.

The news of the Boss cancellation wasn’t the only bad thing for Kelsey Grammer this week. According to TMZ, the 56-year-old actor got into some trouble when he brought along his three-month-old daughter Faith to a party at the Playboy Mansion.

“A party-goer tells us… Kelsey was whooping it up at a table next to Paris Hilton just after midnight. Baby Faith was tucked into her bassinet as the music blared,” TMZ noted.

Kelsey Grammer defended his decision to bring the baby along, but the Boss star was resoundingly criticized for his action.

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33 Responses to “Kelsey Grammer Show ‘Boss’ Gets Canceled, But Movie May Be In The Works”

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  7. Dee Arrasmith

    Loved the show. Have a extreme dislike (trying to be nice!) for Grammer as I am sure most women do. Yes R.W. Smith – he is a fool!

  8. Lauren Prunty

    It really sucks because I personally like everything Grammer does but he, as a person, just doesn't seem that great. It's a bit disappointing really (coming from a fan of not only Boss but Frasier and Cheers as well).

  9. Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA, he sucks! I wouldn't waste 5 minutes on him. It's all downhill from here on out for Mr. Grammer. PEACE OUT!

  10. Anna Reznik

    He is an awful person, and the way he handled the divorce from Camille, is disgusting. He does not even utter her name, in public.

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