Joseph Duggar Courting Kendra Caldwell Revs Up Homophobia Issues For Duggars

Joseph Duggar Courting Kendra Caldwell Revs Up Homophobia Issues For Duggars

Joseph Duggar courting Kendra Caldwell has opened up a whole new can of worms for the Duggar family. Aside from the fact that Josh Duggar has dominated conversations about the family for nearly two years, there are other battles they have been fighting as well. Because he is only the third male in the family to enter into a courtship, the scrutiny among critics has jumped into overdrive. After digging into Caldwell’s family a little bit more and finding out that they are in line with the Duggar’s beliefs, there is more controversy surfacing.

The Duggar family has been highly criticized for their beliefs for the several years they have been in the public eye. Joseph Duggar hasn’t been on the radar like some of his siblings, but now that he is courting Kendra Caldwell, that has changed. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joseph Duggar is courting a homophobe. After some digging into Caldwell’s family, specifically her father, there are reports that they are extremely homophobic, to the point of denying that gay people exist. Apparently, in one of the pamphlets Joe Caldwell created and handed out, he specifically mentioned that gays do not exist. This has caused some tension within the community, and if her father doesn’t believe in homosexuality, does Kendra fall in line with that as well?

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Many fans will remember how Michelle Duggar cut ties with her lesbian sister. There is absolutely no contact between Joseph Duggar and any of his siblings with their aunt. She decided that she didn’t agree with the way her sister lived her life, and that was the end of their relationship. Critics have spoken up about the way the Duggar family treated Michelle’s sister and the way they have allowed Jim Bob’s sister to remain within the family. In fact, Amy Duggar is the product of an unwed mother and premarital sex, yet she was allowed to grow up alongside the family. This has caused a huge stir, all thanks to Joseph Duggar asking to court Kendra Caldwell.

The courtship announcement happened last week, and already the dirt surrounding Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell is flying. Fans were introduced to the Caldwell girls during the Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo wedding special. Kendra and her sister helped Austin Forsyth with the flower wall. Immediately, rumors were swirling that Joseph was courting one of the Caldwell sisters, and finally it was confirmed. There is a slight age difference between the two, but it appears that both families approve of what could potentially turn into a marriage situation down the line. Counting On will return this summer, and there is hope that more of Joseph and Kendra will be filmed, as fans are fascinated with the fact one of the boys are courting.

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As more information comes out about Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, there will likely be more controversy. It seems the Duggar family finds it everywhere. When the girls were courting, fans always wondered about whether their guys’ families knew what happened with Josh Duggar. It was rumored that Marjorie Jackson and Josiah Duggar ended their courtship because of the drama that was being brought by his family. They have clung close to their faith and tried to not give into the temptation of fighting back. Very little was ever spoken about the Josh scandal or Michelle cutting off her sister, and it looks like Paul Caldwell will not be discussed either. Fans wish Joseph and Kendra the best and hope that their courtship can withstand the drama it has stirred up within the last few days.

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