April the giraffe labor updates

April The Giraffe Labor Updates: Discharge Seen, Watch Live Cam And Videos

April the giraffe may be entering active labor. As reported by the Inquisitr, at approximately 12:45 p.m. ET, Dr. Tim, the veterinarian who provides care for April, was called in to give her a special examination. Significant movement and physical changes prompted staff to examine April and phone the vet. Dr. Tim remains on call and a second update was provided during the evening. Most notable was that discharge was evident and this marks the beginning of labor. The discharge, or the mucous plug, protects the baby calf from outside germs and bacteria. Once the plug is released it means a baby calf will soon be on the way. Though the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) is not officially calling it active labor, those who want to ensure they don’t miss a moment of April giving birth on the live cam will want to monitor her progression closely. You can watch the live giraffe cam below.

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam and Don’t Miss Her Giving Birth

The live giraffe cam has been streaming since January, before going viral in February. Those who want to watch April give birth live online should keep a close watch on the YouTube feed. Please be aware that chat will not be open during the birth and the Animal Adventure Park will open a second, live feed on Facebook. The Facebook live feed will provide a second angle of the birth that is separate from the YouTube feed. Those who want to receive notifications when active labor begins should follow the Animal Adventure Park on Facebook and choose to get notifications when the video goes live. When the Facebook live video begins streaming, it will be added to this article. Until then, it is recommended to watch the live YouTube feed in the video player below.

April the Giraffe Evening Update March 13, 2017

April has received plenty of attention today with many cam viewers sharing on social media they suspected she might go into labor soon. In the AAP evening update, a photo was shared taken earlier that featured April examining her backside. It is clear that she is experiencing a lot of activity and physical changes that signify labor is soon approaching. Here is the full evening update along with a video from earlier today and a quote.

“3/13 Evening Update

“Are you on the edge of your seat?

“Afternoon and evening keeper and vet checks continue to indicate significant changes in April. Her back end has become significantly larger and relaxed, motion and pulsing in this area has been noted, and discharge has been observed. Ladies and gentlemen – we are close. We are still not confirming active labor, but will state all physical signs are headed in the right direction.

“The youtube feed will remain online through the process, Facebook LIVE will also provide updates. A professional crew will be onsite to document the birth also.”

April the Giraffe Labor Updates: Two Visits with Dr. Tim

As it appears April’s labor is getting started, it’s important to remember that the Animal Adventure Park will not announce active labor until they see the appearance of hooves. Unlike human babies, giraffe calves are born hooves and head first. It is an unusual position for humans to observe, but one that is normal for giraffes. The mother gives birth standing up and the baby calf literally plops down to the floor with a hard thrust. The impact breaks the calf’s bag of waters and gives the giraffe a thump that ensures the heart is beating and the baby is breathing. Calves can stand within half an hour after birth (many times much sooner) and will soon be able to run. After AAP staff did their afternoon checks and detected significant changes in April, Dr. Tim was called. He has made two visits with April on March 13, 2017, and will stay on call while AAP staff stays at the park to observe her progress. Here are two videos featuring Dr. Tim observing and examining April.

April the Giraffe Latest Updates with Photos and Videos

April the Giraffe Significant Changes

Here is the earlier update when the Animal Adventure Park announced April the giraffe had significant changes and she was being closely monitored for signs of labor.

It’s important to remember that labor and delivery can’t be rushed. Whether in humans or animals, these things have a time schedule on their own. Sometimes pre-labor is an active period that can take hours, days or even weeks. There is no way of knowing how fast April’s labor will go, but the appearance of discharge and recent udder changes are definite signs that things are under way. Keep in mind that there is a difference between pre-labor and active labor. Pre-labor is the preparation the body does to get active labor going. Again, there is no possible way to determine how slow or long April will remain in a pre-labor stage before entering active labor with the appearance of hooves. Once active labor begins, it tends to be very quick with giraffes. Many giraffes will fully deliver a calf within 30 minutes from when active labor began.

Here is a post shared by the Animal Adventure Park showing changes in April’s udders that also signify a period of pre-labor activity.

Do you hope April goes into active labor tonight? Are you excited for the appearance of hooves? Stay tuned as we’ll bring you the latest labor updates as we all wish the best for April the giraffe and the Animal Adventure Park staff.

[Featured Image by Edwin Butter/Shutterstock]