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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Can Hook Survive Killing David’s Father?

Once Upon a Time is the fairytale-based TV series that has already kept fans gripped through five seasons. What helps to keep Once Upon a Time fresh is its ability to switch between the “real world” and the fairytale world that the characters alter-egos inhabit. Season 6 of Once Upon a Time sees the residents of Storybrooke battling the combined threat of Mr. Hyde and an unleashed Evil Queen. Of course, it is the story’s numerous subplots that keep fans guessing.

In recent weeks, viewers have seen Hook trying to win the trust of the Storybrooke residents. Fans have seen signs that David is getting close to Hook, and Season 6 Episode 12 finally reveals what really happened to David’s father. This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time sees David receive another visit from his father’s ghost. David reacts badly to Hook questioning the appearance of Robert’s ghost. Hook then goes to Archie for advice on how to win over Storybrooke’s residents, because he wants to ask Emma to marry him.

'Once Upon A Time' Recap: Can Hook Survive Killing David's Father?
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As TV Line report, things move forward when David receives another visit from Robert’s ghost. David decides that he needs to steal some magic from his daughter, and he employs Hook to distract Emma while he does so. David used the stolen magic to create a potion to enchant his father’s “lucky coin” and uses it to ascertain that Robert had been on “Pleasure Island” when he died.

An investigation sees David holding a knife to the throat of King George, the man he believes is responsible for his father’s death. David is stopped from taking his revenge when Hook turns up to talk him out of it. As Yahoo TV reports, David is not in a good place, but he is grateful for Hook’s support and congratulates Hook for “having changed.”

Robert’s ghost disappears after David threw his father’s lucky coin into the sea, and viewers are invited to think the mystery of Robert’s death has been solved. David asks Hook how he can repay him, and Hook asks for his blessing on his intention to ask Emma to marry him. David agrees, and all seems well in Storybrooke.

Wait, Did Hook Kill David’s Father On Once Upon A Time?

Well, fans thought for a moment that David’s story had a happy ending, but this is Once Upon a Time, things are rarely as they seem. August delivers the missing Pleasure Island pages from the storybook and asks Hook to pass them on to Emma. At that point, Hook comes to realize that he met David’s father a long time ago, and those missing pages tell the truth.

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Hook had learned of King George’s plot and had killed the men sent to do the King’s bidding. A dramatic flashback takes us off to the Wish Realm, where viewers see Robert begging for his life as Hook puts a sword through his heart. Once again, Once Upon a Time has thrown fans a curveball, one that leaves everyone wondering what is next for Hook and Emma. Will Emma find out that her lover killed her grandfather?

As reported by Buddy TV, the storylines have become more and more complicated on Once Upon a Time in Season 6. Revealing Hook as Robert’s killer only serves to open up new storyline possibilities for Once Upon a Time. It’s a safe bet that David won’t be happy if he finds out the truth. Will Hook be able to keep the storybook pages from Emma, or will she discover the truth?

One thing you can be sure of is that this will not be the end of this Once Upon a Time storyline.

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