BtoB -- FeelEm Group Photo

BTOB Makes 2017 K-Pop Comeback With ‘Feel’eM’ Featuring Track ‘Movie’

The year 2016 was considered one of the worst years for Cube Entertainment. The group 4minute disbanded. Beast left to become a new K-pop boy band under their own label called Around Us Entertainment, Highlight. CLC released four extended plays (EPs) and the total number of sales were less than 15,000 copies. Finally, April released one EP and it only sold just under 5,000 copies.

If it weren’t for the current generation of boy bands holding the fort down, Cube Entertainment would have suffered more. Though Pentagon was the talk of the town since they were dubbed the successors to Beast, as proven by selling more than 40,000 copies of their two EPs, Born to Beat — better known as BtoB — was the one to really contribute the most in 2016 with a total of more than 130,000 copies sold across one Japanese full-length studio album and two EPs.

Now BtoB wants to continue their success into 2017 as they will soon make their return. The seven-member boy band consisting of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sungjae will make their K-pop comeback with Feel’eM featuring the track, “Movie.”

News of BtoB making their first K-pop comeback for 2017 was first revealed in February with their pre-release track “Someday.” Once it started to dominate Korean music charts, as reported by AsiaStarz, both BtoB and Cube Entertainment started to release pre-release teasers starting with images on February 27.

BtoB and Cube Entertainment would continue to release teasers after the individual and group images including more images on February 28. However, it was the teaser image before that, on February 27, that is of tantamount importance for K-pop fans, especially those who are in Melody (official fan club of BtoB). They released the song list for Feel’eM, and it was revealed that “Movie” will be the featured song.

BtoB -- FeelEm Title Track Song List
When BtoB and Cube Entertainment teased the track song list for ‘Feel’eM,’ we learned that the title track song is ‘Movie.’ [Image by Cube Entertainment/BtoB’s Official Daum Cafe]

With K-pop fans now knowing the first released song from Feel’eM, they are anticipating what it will be like. Prior to the music video teaser being released on March 4, we knew that Ilhoon composed it. Anyways, the teaser is out now, and each member will represent iconic characters from both past and present movies. Hyunsik will be Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction, Ilhoon will be the Joker from Suicide Squad (unsure about this but it looks like Sorn from CLC is Harley Quinn), Changsu is Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon, and Peniel is Rabbit from 8 Mile. The other members had roles that seemed too generic in the teaser to discern who they were representing.

BtoB will be the third K-pop act signed under Cube Entertainment to make their 2017 K-pop comeback. It is most likely that the label and agency are hoping their popularity will make up in lack of sales from April and CLC’s K-pop comebacks. Technically, the two girl groups did improve or break barriers with their respective releases, but they did not garner much in sales as both have less than 5,000 copies sold.

Feel’eM releases at midnight KST on March 7. Since no pre-release schedule teaser was released, we are unsure of what else BtoB has in store for K-pop fans. However if we look back from past K-pop comebacks, we expect to see BtoB log on Naver, or another Korean app for a countdown to when Feel’eM releases.

[Featured Image by Cube Entertainment/BtoB’s Official Daum Cafe]