'American Horror Story' Season 7 Changes Again, Clinton And Trump Now In

‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Changes Again, Clinton And Trump Now In

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy is flip-flopping once again about what Season 7 is going to have in it. Murphy first started blazing this trail of Season 7 spoilers for American Horror Story earlier in February when he went on Watch What happens Live and said that Season 7 would be about the 2016 election.

That fueled mountains of speculation about what the theme for American Horror Story would be and just who would be playing some of the key players from the 2016 election. But Ryan Murphy backtracked on that and blamed the martinis he had before he went on the show, saying that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would not be on Season 7 of American Horror Story.

It appears as though Ryan Murphy is once again flip-flopping his answers, which is something that politicians notoriously do on the campaign trail, and has announced that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would indeed be characters on Season 7 of American Horror Story when he spoke with E! News.

One thing that Ryan Murphy did make perfectly clear is that his signature actress, Sarah Paulson, would not be portraying a character that is modeled after Hillary Clinton, nor the fictional version of the former 2016 Democratic candidate for president.

“I think people literally think Sarah Paulson is playing Hillary Clinton, and I wanted to clarify that that is not true,” Ryan Murphy told E! News, “[American] Horror Story is always about allegory, so the election is allegory. It’s our jumping off point. It is about the election we just went through and what happened on that night and the fallout of that night, which to many people, from all sides of the camps is a horror story. And you know, that show is always so fun when it’s about the zeitgeist and what we’re doing now.”

If fans of American Horror Story are getting a concussion from all the 180s that Ryan Murphy has given them about details of Season 7, you’re not alone. But there is one indication that this seems to be the final twist in the teaser roundup that Ryan Murphy has up his sleeve.

It is one thing to come out and tease fans of American Horror Story with possible facts that surround a mystery Season 7. At first, everyone thought it would be on a cruise ship following a mysterious teaser released by FX. Then, it was all about the election. Then, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were not going to be in it. Now, they are going to be in it.

The one thing that indicates that Season 7 of American Horror Story now has a bit of concrete evidence that the truth has been revealed is when Ryan Murphy said that they have already started scripting the season, but they have not cast the roles of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump yet.

“We’re halfway through the writing and not yet (cast Clinton or Trump). But it’s really, really fun. It starts on election night is all I’ll say…It’s very scary that night for many people. It’s fun, you will like it. It’s really a season that will have a lot of people interested and I think there’s something for everybody in that season,” Ryan Murphy told E! News.

Fans of American Horror Story have already heard from one person who was part of the AHS troupe in Seasons 2 and 4. Naomi Grossman, who played Pepper in both seasons, had already taken to Twitter and expressed her willingness to play the role of Hillary Clinton. Of course, it was more of a nudge to urge Ryan Murphy and producers for American Horror Story to consider her for the role.

Grossman would also fit the timeline of Ryan Murphy’s announcement, as he told Entertainment Weekly last year that he would be focusing on characters from Season 4, Freak Show, in Season 7.

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