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Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ Season 2 Confirmed, Will James Delaney Reach Nootka Sound?

Taboo Season 2 starring Tom Hardy as James Keziah Delaney is confirmed. Without official confirmations from BBC and FX, co-creators Steven Knight and Tom Hardy have complete confidence in the renewal of British television drama series Taboo.

Though Knight and Hardy denied revealing any details about the upcoming season, they both have said that Taboo Season 2 will be filled with “explosive stuff.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hardy said, “We’re onto the next stage.”

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The Taboo Season 1’s eight episodes were filled with chaos, murder, and mayhem. The death of Zilpha [Oona Chaplin] left fans in shock and many said that she deserved better. Tom Hardy explained in his interview that Zilpha’s fate was never with James and the Damned [his team].

The Dark Knight actor said that Oona Chaplin’s character stepped over the line when she killed her husband. Zilpha said in Taboo Season 1 that James asked her do to kill her husband through the mystical-mind ways but James Delaney knows better and just wanted her sister to leave her husband, not kill him. Tom Hardy added that the intimate moment shared between James and Zilpha was also eye-opening for him.

“They have sex and he starts to see his mother and his mother is basically saying, ‘No, just realize this isn’t love — this is obsession. And you’re not going to move forward spiritually, because you’re having sex with your sister to punish your father for killing me. So, if you see women like that, you might as well be having sex with me.’ That shock completely pulls him out. I think he sees the light after that.”

Steven Knight also commented on the matter and said that there will be doubts on the rationality of the characters. After Zilpha’s act of murdering her husband, James Delaney realizes that he does not really control his mystical side or the fact that there is any mysticism to it.

“There are issues throughout the series of rationality, reason, irrationality, spirituality, mysticism, and all those things. And I think that you could see James Delaney as a very mystical character, which he is, but in fact, this event proves to him that he doesn’t have control of that side.”

With James Delaney and the Damned on the ship to the New World, a big question still goes unanswered, will James ever reach Nootka Sound?

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Tom Hardy’s character had almost given up on the plan to go anywhere after he read Zilpha’s suicide letter but Lorna-Bow Delaney [Jessie Buckley], popularly known as Mrs. Delaney in the Taboo series, asks him to set on the trail again and do what he really wanted to do.

In addition, James reveals to Atticus [Stephen Graham] that they are not headed to Nootka but will rather go to Ponta Delgada to meet with Colonnade [yet unknown character]. In his interview with the Deadline, Steven Knight revealed that James Delaney will indeed reach Nootka Sound but that is far from happening right now.

“I have had a destination in mind from the beginning because I think it helps as a writer. The destination in mind is that James Keziah Delaney sets foot on Nootka Sound. But that’s a long way off.”

Speaking about Tom Hardy’s James Delaney, Knight said that he will be starting an Industrial Revolution shedding people from high above of their classes and statuses. Delaney has already got East India Company and the Crown against each other.

In Taboo Season 2, a new war of or with America could be started, Colonnade’s character and his motives will be exposed but primarily, James Keziah Delaney’s journey to inner-self and the New World will be explored.

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