Sienna Miller nipple show and cosy up with Robert Pattinson

Sienna Miller’s Nipple Show And Close Up With Robert Pattinson

Sienna Miller was photographed while close to her ex Robert Pattinson on Tuesday night but what made things more interesting was her nipple show.

Miller and Pattinson were photographed together earlier this week at the premiere of The Lost City Of Oz in which they were co-stars together with Charlie Hunman. Sienna, however, attracted all the attention thanks to her see-through Dior number which showed off quite a lot. The actress was braless underneath thus giving the audience a nipple show. The three were photographed together on the red carpet at the Berlin International film festival.

Sienna’s tantalizing style

Miller’s dress put on quite a display of style aside from the nipple show. There is no doubt that the star looked amazing in her sheer black dress. The outfit was a long flowing number with flowery ensembles of different colors all over the dress. The outfit had shoulder straps to hold it in place. It was also apparently clear that she did not have a bra underneath, thus leaving her chest exposed through the see-through outfit. She, however, had a pair of boxer-style underpants underneath to protect her dignity and the underwear strap clearly had the Dior brand name on it.

Sienna Miller nipple show and cosy up with Robert Pattinson
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“The Dior creation was made of polka dotted tulle, and topped with heavy, embroidered blue, yellow, and green flowers” Hollywood Lifepointed out.

Miller out-styled her male counterparts

Hunman and Pattinson also looked dapper in their choice of attires for the evening. Hunman opted to go with a clean cut dark blue suit while Robert opted for a dark blue polo-neck shirt, a black blazer and a black overcoat with a bit of ensemble. He also tucked his trousers into the pair of black military-style boots he wore. Unfortunately, Miller stole all the attention away from the gentlemen despite the fact that they looked awesome and stylish.

“Sienna – who has four-year-old daughter Marlowe with Tom – looked fashion forward in her rust colored coords for the cinematic event,” Daily Mailwrote.

Sienna Miller nipple show and cosy up with Robert Pattinson
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Meanwhile, there was no awkwardness between Sienna and Pattinson considering that they used to date each other. Unfortunately, they broke up and Pattinson is now engaged to FKA Twigs. Miller was clearly showing him what he has been missing thanks to the sheer dress. But it seems they have been getting along quite well and were even seen laughing together earlier that day. They even had dinner together the previous evening though they were joined by Charlie. However, it does not necessarily mean that the two are rekindling their romance since Robert is already engaged.

The mother of one seemed to be having lots of fun at the movie premiere. She even got to pose for the camera alone for some more photos for a closer look at her head-turning dress. She even got to flaunt her toned legs thanks to the see-through nature of the dress. The 36-year-old was also photographed together with Charlie on the red carpet and the two made quite an attractive looking duo. This was a good one considering that their characters in the film are husband and wife. Their roles have given them an opportunity to get close and become friends. Charlie’s wife Morgana McNelis was also present at the launch event.

Sienna is the latest celebrity to appear at a public event while clad in a sheer dress without a bra underneath. This highlights the ongoing trend where women are embracing the idea of showing off their bodies in see-through outfits. Miller also bravely jumped onto the bandwagon with her outfit which gave a nipple show at the movie premiere.

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