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Welsh Mom Lisa Williams Sends Valentine’s Day Love To Kids One Hour Before Death

In what would be her final message to her children, a Welsh woman named Lisa Williams showered her young ones with love, affection, and chocolates to make up for her Valentine’s Day absence.

The badly burned body of the Holyhead resident, 31, was located on Newry Beach in Anglesey, an island off the northwest coast of Wales, on Sunday night, according to Elite Daily. Just an hour beforehand, the mother of five took to Facebook to post snapshots of the care package she mailed out to her kids earlier that day.

“Hope this arrives before Valentine’s Day,” Ms. Williams’ last Facebook post on Facebook 12 stated, which featured pictures of five candy bars, one for each of her children, Aoife, Craig, Christopher, Keera, and Adelle; a necklace solely gifted for the latter daughter; and a Valentine’s Day card with the Welsh phrase “cariad,” or “love,” on its front flap.

Inside of the card, Lisa lovingly addressed all of her children as her “famous five,” and promised that they would all be together again within the coming days.

“I love you with all my Welsh heart,” she wrote.

“[Enjoy the] Valentine’s treats and chocolate treats. Will see you all soon, I promise.”

Ms. Williams closed her note by reminding her children to remain on their best behavior with one another.

“[Keep] kind hands, kind feet, [and] nice words,” Lisa penned. “Sharing is caring.”

Sadly, Ms. Williams’ remains would be found covered in a mass of burn scars by a security guard patrolling the port of Newry Beach at around 10:50 p.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), according to BBC News, as it laid near a lifeguard shelter. Despite the gruesome nature in which her body was discovered, police in Holyhead don’t believe the matter to be suspicious.

lisa williams
The body of Lisa Williams, 31, was located on Newry Beach in Hollyhead, Wales, late on Sunday evening. [Image by Talsarnau Times/Wikimedia Commons Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]

“[Lisa Williams], who we believe to be [a] local [resident],” District Inspector Jason Higgins of the Llangefni Police Station provided to the Daily Post, “was pronounced dead at the scene. We are now in the process of locating and informing her family. Our thoughts are with them at this very difficult time.”

A makeshift memorial of floral arrangements and cards quickly took over the spot where her body was reportedly located. One of the mourners, Lisa’s own father, paid tribute to his late daughter via a bouquet of his own with a short but heartbreaking note attached.

“Our Lisa Bach,” it read. “You’ll always be in our hearts. Love you forever, Dad and Rachel xxx.”

It has been reported that Lisa and her husband, who fathered all of her five children, recently made the decision to separate, which caused her to move out of the family home they once shared. In turn, Ms. Williams’ departure ended up causing a bit of a familial disconnect.

“Ms. Williams was heartbroken after [temporarily] losing contact with her children,” a report from the Daily Mail alleges.

Following news of Lisa Williams’ death going public, several family members and random well-wishers took to her open Facebook profile to express their condolences directly to her family members, including her children.

“It’s a big loss without you here with us all,” one griever shared.

“Hard to believe that you’re gone. You meant the world to us. I’ll never forget that cute smile and how kind you were to us all.”

Even one of the five children Ms. Williams gave birth to couldn’t help but speak out on the shocking loss.

“Love you, mam,” they posted to their late mother’s profile. “Miss you.”

Although no foul play has been suspected, District Inspector Higgins remarked that a formal inquest into Lisa Williams’ death will soon be underway. No suspects have yet been charged.

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