Fans think Rihanna was on a Facetime call with Drake during the 2017 Grammys

Did Rihanna FaceTime With Drake At The Grammys? Fans Think So [Video]

Rihanna and Drake have had a rocky relationship ever since they were first rumored to be dating back in 2011, but it looks like the twosome could now be back on the road to a reconciliation.

Rihanna attended the 59th Annual Grammy Awards solo on February 12 as she was spotted singing and dancing on the front row with country star Carrie Underwood, though fans are claiming that Rihanna actually wasn’t without a date for the entire show.

Some eagle-eyed fans are claiming that Rihanna actually appeared to be on a FaceTime call with Drake during the ceremony, claiming that when the superstar turned her photo around to give whoever she was chatting to a look at the stage, she appeared to be on the line with the “Hotline Bling” rapper who is currently in the U.K. on tour.

Footage uploaded to Twitter of Rihanna in the audience at the Grammys showed Rihanna turn her phone around during Anderson Paak’s performance with A Tribe Called Quest, only for someone who looked very similar to Drake to be shown on her screen.

Grammys viewers then continued to post screen shots of Rihanna during her FaceTime session to the social media site, claiming that Rihanna may have been on a call with Drake, who was thousands of miles away, despite the two no longer dating.

Fans were quick to throw in their two cents on the 140-character site, alleging that Rihanna and Drake’s alleged FaceTime session could be a sign that the two may soon start dating again amid reports the rapper has allegedly cooled things off with rumored girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

“Watching Rihanna facetime Drake while flasking all night at the Grammys was potentially the most goals thing I’ve ever witnessed,” @sophia_mullins wrote, while @LyssMaran wrote, “Rihanna was on FaceTime with Drake the whole night of the Grammys.”

“Rihanna and Drake live with FaceTime! Wtf? #grammys” @clinitech94 added, and @suryonce tweeted out, “RIHANNA WAS ON FACETIME WITH DRAKE B****. J LO IS SHAKING.”

Did Rihanna call Drake during the Grammys?
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It’s not clear if the person on the other end of Rihanna’s phone during the award show was in fact Drake and neither have confirmed nor denied fan’s speculation that they enjoyed a FaceTime chat, though Drake did make it pretty clear before the show that he was rooting for Rihanna at the ceremony, during which the singer was accused of throwing some major shade at Beyoncé.

Drake reportedly gave Rihanna a shout out prior to the Grammys during a concert in the U.K. on February 12, proving that his ex is still very much on his mind despite their breakup last October.

“You know, I hope they give Rihanna some awards tonight for that ‘Work’ song,” Drake reportedly told the audience at the show, according to E! News.

“That was a big a** song and she deserves it,” Drake continued. “I hope they don’t do us dirty.”

Rihanna & Drake may have been on FaceTime during the Grammys
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The claims that Drake and Rihanna may now be back in contact come as rumors swirl that the twosome could potentially start dating again soon, despite E! News confirming their breakup last October.

Amid reports that Drake has now split with Jennifer Lopez, sources told the site that, despite their breakup, Rihanna and her former boyfriend were still very much in each other’s lives and were even supposedly being urged by friends to get back together and start dating again.

“Rihanna and Drake are seeing other people at the moment. They are not exclusive anymore,” a source told the site last year, months before the seeming FaceTime call at the Grammys.

The insider then went on to reveal at the time that the duo “still love each other” despite no longer dating, claiming that the reason for their breakup was because “their schedules [got] in the way.”

“Everyone wants them to be together,” continued the inside, adding that “they are just close friends who are always in each others lives.”

Do you think Rihanna and Drake were on a FaceTime call with each other at the Grammys? Could they start dating again?

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