Milo Ventimiglia talks about This Is us Episode 15

Milo Ventimiglia Dares You To Hate Miguel After This Week’s ‘This Is Us’

Milo Ventimiglia has been vocal about his love for his TV best friend Miguel (played by Jon Huertas), and now the This Is Us star predicts that fans will have a change of heart regarding the character after this week’s episode, “Jack Pearson’s Son.”

In an interview with E! News, Milo Ventimiglia said viewers would see an important new side of the man who goes on to marry his character, Jack Pearson’s, wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

“First of all, I think we’ve got to remember Miguel is Jack’s best friend, so already, if you love Jack, you should love Miguel,” Milo said. “And then, secondarily, you will learn something very, very good about Miguel’s approach on life. He’s a really, really great guy and I think people need to give him a chance.”

Good friends are hard to come by. #ThisIsUs

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Ventimiglia’s mission in life seems to be convincing This Is Us fans that his TV bestie is a good guy. In a recent red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight, Milo revealed that this is Miguel’s week to shine on This Is Us.

‘It’s gonna happen this week for Miguel,” Milo told ET.

“I think there’s a really beautiful moment for Jon Huertas’ character for Miguel. I think it’s a well-earned place in the Pearson clan, for Miguel. I really hope people embrace his character as much as the family as all of us have. He’s Jack’s best friend.”

Even Ventimiglia’s TV son, Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall Pearson on the NBC drama, is rooting for his character’s stepdad.

“This week in particular, what I’m hoping is that people will start to thaw in regards to Miguel,” Brown told ET. “I think after next week fans may say ‘Miguel’s okay.'”

This Is Us fans have not shown the Miguel character any love, and some even think he moved in on his best buddy’s wife. While viewers already know that the Pearson patriarch is no longer alive in the present day, it is unclear if Miguel married Rebecca before or after the death of Milo Ventimiglia’s character.

Regardless, Huertas is aware of the negative vibes coming Miguel’s way, and he’s doing everything he can to convince viewers to give his character a chance. Huertas recently reacted to co-star Mandy Moore’s photo of him hugging her during the Pearsons’ wedding, and he quickly explained why he had his arm around Milo Ventimiglia’s TV wife circa late 1970s.

“Mandy! Why this pic?!” Huertas wrote. “Does not help #TeamMiguel – guys this is Miguel gleefully giving the bride away to his beloved best friend! Trust me!”

Huertas also teased a scene from This Is Us Episode 15, “Jack Pearson’s Son.” The actor posted a photo that shows he is out for a beer with Ventimiglia, and it appears that it is Valentine’s Day based on the red roses on each table.

“Things Jack & Miguel have in common: Friends, Valentine’s Day plans, Music.” Huertas wrote.

Milo Ventimiglia previously predicted that This Is Us fans will have a change of heart about Miguel by the time “Jack Pearson’s Son” airs.

“If after episode 15, you don’t love Miguel or understand him or give him a chance, you might just be an unhappy person in general,” Milo told reporters at a This Is Us screening for Television Critics Association members, according to TV Guide.

Mandy Moore issued a similar sentiment to Us Weekly, saying fans shouldn’t be so quick to judge the man her character marries after Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack.

“I’m obsessed with Jon Huertas — we all are,” the actress told Us. “And he is such a good sport about the fact that people are so down on him…. I know, in particular, in episode 15, for me, I walked away from the script going, ‘If people aren’t in love with Miguel at this point…'”

Take a look at the video below to see Milo Ventimiglia talking about why people should give Miguel a chance on This Is Us.

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