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Hillary Clinton Totally Scorches Trump’s Michael Flynn With A Single Tweet

Hillary Clinton may have had the last laugh in the “Pizzagate” scandal. After Donald Trump’s embattled National Security Advisor, Lt. General Michael Flynn resigned Monday night, Secretary Clinton took to Twitter and left a stinging retweet that suggested Flynn apply at Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

Hillary Clinton is suddenly alive again on Twitter and is picking up the pace in her attacks — albeit subtly — on Donald Trump since her loss in the general election.

As NBC suggests, Clinton used the moment as payback to bring light to the time in which Flynn and his son relentlessly attacked Hillary over the email server scandal.

“Michael Flynn was among the harshest critics of Hillary Clinton’s private email server during the presidential campaign. So it is hardly surprising that the former Democratic contender exacted a smidgen of wry revenge Tuesday after Flynn resigned as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser.”

The rise and fall of Michael Flynn — an early strong Trump supporter to a member of the President’s White House team — highlights the early struggles of Trump administration. The retired United States Army lieutenant general resigned mere hours after the Justice Department warned the White House that General Flynn might be the target of extortion.

Hillary Clinton’s tweet was a sardonic poke at what many in Washington inner circles thought was inevitable: the military veteran’s departure. The backstory loosely explains Hillary’s tweet and connection.

Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn, Jr. were outspoken critics of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency. Michael was instrumental in spreading rumors about the now debunked #PizzaGate conspiracy, as Huffington Post reported.

At the heart of the scandal was Comet Ping Pong, a popular pizza parlor in Washington. The father and son were among those claiming that the fast-food restaurant was involved in a child trafficking ring`, which was linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Washington Post published a detailed history on the brewing controversy at the time. In short, it was a rush to judgment about scandal aka fake news that never existed. Moreover, the scandal was about Hillary’s rumored connection to a pizza joint’s alleged lewd operation that never existed and was circulated through channels that were concocted.

“What was real was Welch — a father, former firefighter and sometime movie actor who was drawn to dark mysteries he found on the Internet — terrifying customers and workers with his ­assault-style rifle as he searched Comet Ping Pong, police said. He found no hidden children, no secret chambers, no evidence of a child sex ring run by the failed Democratic candidate for president of the United States, or by her campaign chief, or by the owner of the pizza place.”

The cause of Flynn’s demise was apparently his contact with Kremlin Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the very day the Obama administration handed down additional sanctions on Russia for its alleged role in tampering with the election.

When news of his contact leaked to the public, and Flynn was questioned about the allegations, he apparently denied the allegations to the Vice President and later said he “doesn’t recall” when pressed by the media.

In a live CNN Tuesday morning broadcast, Alice Stewart, the former Ted Cruz Communications Director, said Flynn’s alleged lie to Vice President Mike Pence was the likely tipping point.

“Mike Pence, of all people, he is a pillar of trust and confidence in the administration and when that is undermined, it’s a serious problem. Also, there is a bigger question that they were not forthcoming with information…to the American people.”

According to a Daily Beast report, Russian lawmakers and the Kremlin are mounting a defense and downplaying Michael Flynn’s resignation.

Konstantin Kosachev is the chairman of the information committee at the Federation Council. He took to Facebook in the wake of Flynn’s resignation.

Kosachev said the matter is based on “not just paranoia but something even worse.” He added, “Either Trump hasn’t found the necessary independence and he’s been driven into a corner… or Russophobia has permeated the new administration from top to bottom.”

Hillary Clinton recently appeared at the MAKERS Conference via a video message recently. Hillary did not mention the new President by name, but it was apparent her “Be Bold” call to action was aimed at Trump. As Inquisitr wrote, Hillary Clinton went “full feminist” during the message.

Days ago in the aftermath of Trump’s successive losses in court to appeal the restraining order on his travel ban, Hillary Clinton appeared to take a jab at the embattled President.

On her latest dig at Trump, Hillary Clinton’s aide Philippe Reines sent out the original tweet about a possible pizza job being available for Flynn. Clinton retweeted the message.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s tweet about the latest White House setback?

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