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Drunk Airport Fight: Drunk Texas A&M Fan Starts Brawl In New Orleans Airport [Video]


In case you thought Lakers fans were the only ones capable of pulling moronic stunts, a drunken Texas A&M football fan started a fight at an airport this weekend after apparently being stopped from boarding his flight.

In a video of the incident, which was posted to YouTube for the world to see, the inebriated Aggies fan attempts to incite a fight with an innocent bystander.

Reddit user westtexan1, who apparently witnessed the fight go down in person, gave the following play-by-play of the drunken brawl:

“The Aggie fan in the Johnny Football shirt was drunk and not allowed to board the plane. He got irate with the ticket counter attendant and dumped out a bag of trail mix. The black guy was waiting at the ticket counter stood up for the ticket attendant and told Johnny F’in Football to calm down. He then redirected his anger at the black guy, started dropping n-bombs and even made a comment about picking cotton.

Fisticuffs ensued and after about 30 secs Paul Blart showed up on a segway. Luckily it was caught on video because the Johnny Football guy lied to the cops initially and said the black guy started it – upon reviewing the video evidence the black guy was exonerated and allowed the board the flight.

Everyone clapped for him as he was walking down the aisle.”

Check out the video of the drunk Texas A&M fan trying to fight below (Warning NSFW language in the video):

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95 Responses to “Drunk Airport Fight: Drunk Texas A&M Fan Starts Brawl In New Orleans Airport [Video]”

  1. Ezekiel OBrien

    Well while it looks like the SEC won't be represented in the BCS title game, their fans are showing the true class of the conference.

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing like a knee to the head. You gotta love that sound especially when its an A&M fan.

  3. Eric Seibold

    Nice how the author repeatedly refers to the bystander as "the black guy".

  4. Rich Brazzel

    @Ezekiel – that's about an ignorant ass thing to say. You're as bad as Johnny F'in Football making stereotypical comments about people you don't even know.

  5. Stephen Cantelli

    Who is the moron that video taped this? Instead of taking action to prevent the incident, he'd rather put it on YouTube. The video guy is just as sad as the drunk…….

  6. Tom Bloomer

    not everyone can spend their time cheating (ohio state) and raping little boys (penn state) in the no talent big 10 or pac 10 or 12 or whatever the the second class conferences call themselves nowadays

  7. Michael Flynn

    I'll know when racisim has ceased to exist when I hear or read that two men got in a fight or two men had a discussion or two men were playing golf togeter not " a black guy and a white guy" or better yet," let me introduce you to my friend "….instead of.."let me introduce you to my black friend"….or "white friend"… or "Chinese friend"eh? yep! just plane ole'…"Let me introduce you to MY FRIEND!"

  8. Tallulah Cusati

    A&M has a long way to go before they can say they are a part of the SEC. Johnny M. certainly has all the conceit in his family, since he said he single-handed defeated Alabama. A&M should have stayed in the conference they were in. The SEC does not need loud-mouth show-off's.

  9. Brady Atwood

    We don't respect bitches from the Art Institute that take pics of their little bitch arms with their bitch tribal tats son. Step up sissy

  10. Anonymous

    what should he have called him?? and don't say african american, that's worse.. he is a black guy, just like you're a white guy. and, would you have said "nice how the author keeps referring to the bystander as the white guy, if the situation was reversed?? that's the problem, people like you thinking "black guy" is some sort of racist comment. it's 2012, get off it already

  11. Daniel Adams

    What are whites supposed to call blacks nowadays you idiot? Anything you call them now they think is racist they are weak with thin skin thats what blacks are. They run around calling whites crackers, whiteboys and all that other crap. They are just niggers.

  12. Anonymous

    Brady Atwood ……..Tarleton State, hmmmmmm an A&M junior college……what's your mascot-a goat

  13. Eugene Mote

    All he would have had to said to the black guy mixing in was. "I m a green belt mother fucker"And he would have run for the hills.

  14. Anonymous

    Not sure what's worse; our Aggie idiot, or the westtexas illiterate..both stupid, yet functional somehow ;(((.

  15. Gary Homan

    What's with the Lakers comment. I've seen fans of just about every team in pro sports act like idiots. Writer must be a hater.

  16. Thomas Pittman

    Shows you how smart Aggie fans are, start a fight in airport, show up in federal court. Two things that should be outlawed dumb people and alchahol.

  17. Michael Flynn

    voyska2000…..stating somone is functionally stupid is as incorrect as stating someone is functionally alchoholic. Ffunction does not coexist with either….eh ?

  18. John C Ellisor

    Tallulah..where did Johnny Manziel say that? LIAR You are making stuff up, HE ISN'T ALLOWED TO SPEAK TO THE MEDIA!! Just like all other Freshman players…

  19. Janet Lurker

    You call that a fight? The man was so drunk that with one push from the black man he was on the seat of his pants. That's what you call letting your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird butt!

  20. John C Ellisor

    I was on that same flight and was waiting to board, and it happened right in front of me while I was stuck in line. That idiot was drunk, and made a complete ass out of himself, and I was completely embarrased he claimed to be an A&M fan. I really wanted to rip that shirt off of him and kick his ass. The other guy did get to board and we all did clap for him..(Lots of Aggies) of course we all had to apologize for the white trash drunk Aggie fan…I guess we all have our share in our respective fan bases.

  21. Wendy McHaney

    Speak for your Aggie self. Baylor doesn't have white trash drunk fans. 😉

  22. Trip Summersalt

    Whoa. The dude from America's Funniest Home Videos that was eating a banana as his friend faked electric shock while working on a power outlet just got in a fight.

  23. Daniel Adams

    Yes it is the only one that matters is number 1. Second place is first loser. Get over it SEC is done for the year did you really think that they are going to win it every year? These things go in cycles

  24. Farid N Jabbour

    Sigh, the person filming it might have been a woman or someone elderly. The video is also useful to prevent someone lying about what happened.

  25. Fox Floats

    While I agree with you, the police tell people not to intervene, only to be the best possible witness they can. Video is much better than an eye witness account from someone who got pushed around in the process of trying to stop a fight.

  26. John C Ellisor

    Hey Wendy!! Jeff… I had two carry on bags that I was carrying for Connie, and we were boarding…the dude could handle himself just fine against that drunk…

  27. Anonymous

    So now the guy has to go get shots because the whole plane load of people gave him the "Clap"!!!

  28. Anonymous

    Mike Williams ….I see that you are a top commenter……There are more things in life than FB but i digress,do you have a real life are just a FB life,or better yet no life at go on to write/say that, "thats why nobody respects Texans either" then you go and call someone a douchebag,just like the guy who wrote"We don't respect bitches from the Art Institute that take pics of their little bitch arms with their bitch tribal tats son"…….Repping Cali really great……..FAIL!!!!

  29. Karen Collier Lynk

    Tallulah, you will find most Aggies to be stand-up people, and our campus among the friendliest around. Too bad a drunk fan gives us a black eye. We are excited to be playing in the SEC, and most schools have given us a nice welcome.

  30. Jay Martí-Boz

    I never pull the race card, but it's interesting that the drunken asshole gets tagged Johnny the Football shirt and the guy he's fighting, who's wearing a perfectly good suit that he no doubt worked hard to buy and he walks away… victorious, but "the black guy" above all else. No. Not Johnny the football shirt and Raymond the suit… no… not the white guy vs the black guy. lol… I'm sorry. I have no point at all… I just like pointing out social behaviors I find odd… carry on.

  31. Scott Johnson

    here is an ideal…stop posting assholes being violent on the for racist of any sort..Let god sort them out. I grew up in a place where when you call someone a N…everyone gets quiet..suddenly someone without any warning needs a coronor not first aid..its 2012..stop giving folks with no home training 15 seconds of fame. chicago trash.. really serious….

  32. Jeff Bean

    Farid, the person videoing the incident did not sound like an elderly person or a woman. Sigh. Fox, that's what's becoming more and more wrong with this country. I'm not saying get into a fight. But do what the two gentlemen did. Step in calmly and intervene if you are physically capable of doing so. Stephen, you're correct Marine. The videographer was as much of a jack ass as the A&M guy. Calling the officer "Paul Blart", comments about taking 20 minutes, etc. I'd wager it was some self entitled, spoiled brat punk… who's never had to go into harms way to help society.

  33. Jeff Bean

    If that is you definition of racism, then I feel for you. We ALL classify other people. It's not racist unless the intention to be racist is there. I was an MP in the Army. When I'd go to a social function with non-MP's, I was always introduced as "My friend Jeff, he's an MP." or if it was with civilians,"My friend Jeff, He's in the Army." I don't know why we classify each other. But it's not always "racist".

    I do agree with the overall sentiment of what you are trying to say.

  34. Jeff Bean

    You're an Idiot Bash. What does this have to do with the TSA, besides being at an airport? Step up and try serving sometime, not being the little bitch ass pimple on society's ass.

  35. Jim Broome-Blanchard

    I am assuming airport security was called when things started to esculate. There was others standing by watching this unfold several
    of whom had their cell phone cams aimed at the incident

  36. Ted Mirch

    I hope someone attaches a name to this idiot and I hope all of his neighbors, his employer, his co-workers, customers of whatever business he works for and family members see what a POS he is and treat him as such.

  37. Trip Summersalt

    Watch the airline employee run to get help right before the first shove…he's in a blue shirt…

  38. Rob Campbell

    Wow people are stupid enough to make predictions on the BCS when 6 of the top 10 teams are ALL SEC. You may want to save your words until you know for sure. The top three have played who?

  39. Michael Flynn

    Jeff …if you'll NOTICE I only refered to racial claasifications..not job, or school, or town , or state, etc, etc, etc, JUST Racjial classifications….eh ? I should have stated asian instead of Chinese,,,

  40. Daniel Adams

    They played their schedule quit blaming the schedule. You Sec clowns say the same thing about the schedule every year. SEC is done for the year. The only shot they have is Alabama because Georgia will choke like they always do

  41. Daniel Adams

    Typical of todays society standing around and watching and not doing anything. I guess they forgot they were in the airport and the black guy didn't have a gun so they didn't have to worry about being shot.

  42. Kristy Cox Lorenz

    I always thought cheating gave you an advantage. So what edge did OSU players receive when they sold their own property or exchange them for tattoos? Because that tattoo made a HUGE difference in the amount of rushing yards per game.

  43. Trip Summersalt

    Really funny how he immediately puts his hands behind his back when the police arrive….something tells me he knows the drill….

  44. Anonymous

    Glad it got taped! Just proves that inbred racists rednecks lie – period. The Texas Long-horned piece of human garbage should be thrown into a jet engine along with every inbred redneck that is alive! I'm a civilized white MAN, not an inbred redneck BOY, and rednecks are an embarrassment to the WHOLE human race, especially the white race. They all need to be exterminated. Is that a racists statement – YOU BET! Hope the black guy sues this idiot for assault! Too bad I wasn't there, the first utter of the N word and I would have decked him myself!

  45. Scott Smaistrla

    I completely disagree with your assessment… an assh*le wearing a Texas A&M shirt should be publicly shamed/ humiliated for being the drunk racist assh*le that he is…the guy or girl filming it was helping the African American guy gather evidence to demonstrate to the authorities that he and the other folks at the ticket counter were victims of this assh*les aggessive behavior. You must be one of those delusional aggies…LMFAO…

  46. Celeste Lawton

    I witnessed that event in person. At first people thought the guys were joking and then it quickly escalated. We couldn't figure out Southwest didn't get the cops involved sooner. The whole thing was pretty pathetic. We were all cheering when the drunk wasn't allowed on the plane but the other guy was. I wished the drunk had spent a little time in the slammer but the other guy told me that he didn't press charges. I think he should have but he probably just wanted to get on his flight.

  47. Rob Campbell

    People still have not learned what the BCS is capable of. Look at last year LSU beat Alabama in Regular season and still played for the National Championship. Of those top three teams COMBINED!!!!!!!!! they have played 5 that is 5 top ten ranked BSC teams this year! WAIT people it's coming someone is going to get their feelings hurt. It has nothing to do with the conference, it has everything to do with how screwed up the BCS is! I am just warning you, someone from the mid west or west is gonna get their panties in a wad before it's over!

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