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Trump ‘Appalled’ By ‘Court Politics’ On Travel Ban That Hasn’t Been Decided Yet

Donald Trump says the courts make decisions based on politics and they should do better in the interest of the American people.

In a live segment of CNN‘s “Inside Politics,” panelists discussed a litany of topics about President Donald Trump, namely his frustration about the Immigration travel ban under consideration by a federal appeals court.

The President delivered remarks Wednesday morning while addressing a group of police chiefs in Washington. Trump expressed his frustration about the pace and optics of the pending court review of his controversial temporary ban on travel.

“I don’t ever want to call a court biased and I won’t call them biased, and we haven’t had a decision yet. But courts seem to be so political and it would be so great for our justice system if they are would able to read a statement and what’s right.”

Earlier, as CNN reported, Trump ruffled feathers when he tweeted his ire against a federal judge for putting his immigration travel ban on hold. Trump’s executive order imposed a 120-day freeze on travelers — mostly from Muslim-majority countries — from coming into the United States. His order also banned Syrian refugees indefinitely.

“Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!”

CNN panelist Glenn Thrush with the New York Times said, “It’s like Queen’s ‘Jazz'” on Trump’s characterization of his administration’s case on appeal. Glenn said Trump’s latest setback is not limited to a single court case. He outlined a list of missteps Trump has made since taking office weeks ago.

Glenn pointed to Trump’s “stumbling two weeks” in the White House, his struggles to get his cabinet nominees pushed through Senate confirmation hearings and his alleged struggles with internal turmoil. Glenn stopped short in characterizing Donald Trump’s critique of the court as “fear mongering.”

Glenn’s reference is to Freddie Mercury’s band’s seventh studio album that was released in 1978. The project was received with a mixture of criticism over the group’s varying musical styles.

Rolling Stone‘s Dave Marsh was resolute in his denunciation of the album, stating it was “more of the same dull pastiche.” He then opined that Queen held “elitist notions” based on lyrics in their songs.

As The Guardian wrote in its review, “Jazz was hysterical in every sense of the word, but the music press comprehensively failed to get the joke, particularly in the US.”

Glenn is insinuating the same about Trump’s perceived “elitist” behavior since taking office.

As Bloomberg reported, Donald Trump is standing by his decision to ban immigrants, citing border security. Trump read a document that purportedly gives him “power to put limits on who can enter the U.S., saying it shouldn’t be challenged in the courts even as a three-judge panel weighs whether to reinstate restrictions on refugees and travelers from seven predominately Muslim nations.”

Apparently, Trump cited a constitutional statute that gives the executive branch power to protect the country from “any class” of a foreign invader.

“You can suspend, you can put restrictions, you can do whatever you want. It just can’t be written any plainer or better.”

Reportedly, the decision from a panel of three judges can come down at any time today. Experts say the court has a wide-range of responses to the travel ban appeal: It could uphold the lower court’s order altogether; it could lift the ban, or it could uphold portions of it.

Either way, law specialists believe the case will go all the way to the Supreme Court that is currently made up of eight justices. A full contingency is nine.

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