Curse Of Oak Island: One Of Seven: Spoilers, Recaps, And Commentary

The Curse Of Oak Island: One Of Seven (Season 4: Episode 13) aired Tuesday night, and if you missed it, or just enjoy reading spoilers, recaps, and commentary, you’ve come to the right place.

For those not familiar with the show, Curse of Oak Island follows the adventure of Michigan businessmen the Lagina Brothers (Rick and Marty) as they dig for buried pirate treasure on Oak Island, off the coast of Canada. Legend holds that the pirate Captain Kidd buried treasure on the Nova Scotia island, and then cursed it.

Since the show’s beginning, four seasons ago, the Lagina Brothers, like so many treasure hunters before them, have poured time, effort, and – most importantly – money into the island, trying to dig up the mythical treasure. As of this writing, they haven’t found anything, but that hasn’t deterred them. Along the way, they’ve found tantalizing clues (as well as plenty of clues that failed to pan out), spoken to experts, and, with the help of the show’s narrator, explored possible connections to the treasure from mysterious, ancient groups such as the Knights Templar.

Which brings us to an episode from last season: last year, the brothers came upon a map with a cipher on it. The map, which has been dubbed “La Formule,” contained a coded inscription — and led at least one internet joker to claim that it’s a poorly-drawn logo for The Wu-Tang Clan.

With the help of some cryptologists, it appears that at least some of the text has been deciphered. Here’s the partial translation, thanks to Monsters and Critics.

“Halt do not hold up

Dig at forty feet with an angle forty N R degree the shaft is five hundred twenty two feet to enter the

rejd or a unmil Isante Cinq Pi Ed Atteinte lacham”

The brothers also hear that there may be as much as 200 tons of gold bullion buried on Oak Island. As James Wray of Monsters and Critics points out, that’s a lot of gold.

“Even just getting it down there would be a struggle. Gold might be a dense element but 200 tons still takes up a lot of room… so two hundred would require a big cavern to store it all.”

200 tons of gold is also worth an almost indescribably ridiculous amount of money. Currently, gold is going for $1,243.86 per ounce, according to JM Bullion. 200 tons equals 6,400,000 ounces; so in other words, the amount of gold rumored to be buried at Oak Island could be worth as much as $7,960,704,000 (or almost eight billion dollars, if math isn’t your thing).

As far as what actually happened on the show – well, like just about every episode of Curse of Oak Island, nothing much happened. It was mostly summaries and recaps of what’s happened so far, mixed in with scenes of the team digging and finding more clues, but no treasure.

And of course, it goes without saying that the Oak Island treasure has not, as of this writing, been found. The specifics of Curse of Oak Island’s production schedule is unclear, but it’s safe to assume that some period passes between when the Lagina Brothers’ team is filmed and the time viewers see it on their TVs. If the team finally finds that buried treasure, after four seasons of searching (preceded by two centuries of searching by other teams), it’s going to be big news that’s covered on outlets like CNN and MSNBC. And the news media isn’t going to wait until the show airs to tell you about it. The news doesn’t care about spoilers.

If you missed Curse of Oak Island: One of Seven, it would re-air on The History Channel throughout the next few days, or you can catch it on-demand; check with your cable or satellite provider for details.

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