Dog chews woman's ear off

Boyfriend Accused Of Scalping Girlfriend Before Ordering Pitbull To Attack

A Kentucky man reportedly flew into a jealous rage over a Facebook post and scalped his girlfriend before ordering his white and brown pit bulldog, named Capone, to viciously attack her, according to CBS News.

On September 14, 2015, Zachary Gross, 30, of Burlington, became angry after seeing a picture of his girlfriend, Marilyn Stanley, and her son at a park with another man.

While the pair were eating in their Walton home, it was reported that Gross began beating his girlfriend, punching her in the face “until she was unrecognizable.”

Afterward, Gross “removed more than half of her scalp with a knife” and told her, “You’re bald now. Who’s going to want you?”

According to a police report, Gross then dragged his girlfriend into their bedroom, where he held her down as his dog viciously attacked her.

The spokesperson for the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, Tom Scheben, stated that “when he’s finished, he praises the dog for the work he did. Then makes her stand in front of a mirror to make her look at herself now.”

Stanley was tortured for more than an hour before her boyfriend placed her ripped-off scalp in a plastic bag and dropped her off at a location near her mother’s home, where she was able to get help and contact 911.

Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center say “70 percent of the woman’s scalp was ripped off” and a portion of Stanley’s ear was chewed off by her boyfriend’s dog.

She also suffered a “broken nose and her eyes were swollen to the size of baseballs.”

Relatives say the victim had “three surgeries to her skull” since the attack and will never be able to grow hair again.

Gross was later arrested for the violent attack.

A GoFundMe page was created as “she is unable to provide herself with a wig that she will need and wears a scarf as a replacement of one. There are so many things that this woman needs. I am asking you to look into your heart and make any type of contribution or donation. Thank you for your time and compassion,” according to the site.

Gross opted to take the case to trial because “there was so much said in the media about the case that was untrue.”

He called a radio station and denied attacking her over a Facebook post, claiming that the fight was over “illegal activities that were going on. Something was stolen from me, from her and I questioned her about it.”

“It will all come out in court. You know, I don’t want to talk about certain things.”

During court on Thursday, Gross stated that he did not order his dog to attack his girlfriend. He went on to say that at some point during the attack, Stanley grabbed a knife and allegedly stabbed him three times.

That’s when his dog attacked Stanley in a bid to protect his owner.

“I feel horrible for what happened. I feel that the verdict was wrong. I’m sorry for what happened,” said Gross.

He pleaded for the minimum sentence of 10 years, but the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Leanne Beck told the jury that Gross should receive the maximum sentence as it fits the crime.

Beck said, “Twenty years is what’s appropriate for de-scalping a human alive. Twenty years is what’s appropriate for making another human being fear their safety, their livelihood and discarding them on the street like a piece of trash.”

“He scalped another human being alive and later discarded Stanley on the street like a piece of trash.”

In less than two hours, the Boone County jury reached a verdict. Gross was found guilty of first-degree assault, and he is now facing a 20-year prison sentence with the possibility of parole in 17 years.

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