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Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury And Adela King Repairing Friendship

The Stanbury sisters of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury and Sophie Stanbury, are now getting closer to having the relationship that they used to have. Caroline’s friendship with Adela King is also on the mend. The three women are now on such better terms that they can at least can hang out and party together. On Saturday, Caroline, Sophie, and Adela all attended a disco party to celebrate a friend’s birthday party at London’s Soho Farmhouse.

Both Sophie and Adela posted a photo showing themselves smiling widely with Caroline next to them to their Instagram accounts.

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“B**ches are back and ready to party!” wrote Sophie for her photo caption.

In response to Sophie’s photo, many people left comments expressing their happiness that she and Caroline are back together and seem to be on good terms. The photo did, however, make one viewer question whether all of the drama between the Stanbury women that has been shown on the current Ladies of London season was faked for ratings. Sophie denied that her drama with her soon to be former sister-in-law was fabricated. Sophie also confirmed that she and Caroline are repairing their friendship.

“telithia: Did you guys fake all that drama for ratings??”

“sophiestanbury: @telithia god I wish! No but we are repairing our friendship x”

In response to the photo that Adela posted on her account, a viewer asked her if she thinks Caroline was just edited to look “imperial,” in other words as if she was the queen, this season or if she was actually that like for a while. Seemingly not wanting to say anything negative about Caroline, Adela didn’t directly answer the question but did state that she and Caroline are in a better place now.

“esl4life: Adela, do you think Caroline S. was edited to look imperial, or was she actually being quite unbearable for a while? Thanks! You’re my fave!!!!”

“adelakinglondon: @esl4life we’re in a better place now ❤❤❤”

On Twitter, when Sophie shared that she was at the Soho Farmhouse with Adela, someone asked her if she was also with Caroline. Caroline replied that she was, to which Sophie added that they are hugging it out.

Caroline, who now lives in Dubai with her family due to her husband’s job, is back in London for a visit.

London nights … good to be back in @gucci ???? @sprwmnclothing leathers

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On the current Ladies of London Season 3, much attention has been paid to the relationship between Caroline Stanbury and Sophie Stanbury. At the beginning of the season, Caroline and Sophie enjoyed a close relationship and vowed to keep it that way despite Sophie’s impending divorce from Caroline’s brother. Yet the relationship was soon tested after it came out that Sophie had blurted out to Julie Montagu, Caroline’s enemy, that Caroline warned her that Julie was “dangerous.” Despite Sophie apologizing for sharing that information with Julie, Caroline took it, as well as Sophie’s continued friendship with Julie, as a betrayal.

The latest episode showed Sophie and Caroline on the mend after Sophie stood firm with her refusal to talk about Caroline to Julie ever again. The two women even enjoyed a spa day and sleepover, with Adela King, prior to Caroline’s move to Dubai. Yet viewers may once again see the Stanbury sisters at odds again on the upcoming season finale episode due to Sophie’s loose lips.

That’s because last week’s episode also showed Adela blurting out that Sophie said that Caroline once commented that Adela chose money over her kids in regards to her ugly child custody case. As Adela lashed out at Caroline for saying such a thing, Caroline denied it. A preview for next week’s episode shows Sophie, during a phone call with Adela, vehemently denying that she ever shared that information with her and Adela maintaining that she did.

During Caroline’s and Sophie’s respective recent appearances on Watch What Happens Live, both admitted that they were estranged. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in early December, Caroline said that she and Sophie are “broken.” During Sophie’s own appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show in mid-January, she confirmed that the relationship was still broken.

“It’s sill broken. I think we’re just giving each other some space. You know it was quite traumatic going through the show, then watching it back again and now, yeah, we’re just giving each other a bit of room.”

Will the reconciliation between Caroline Stanbury and Sophie Stanbury last? Will Adela King’s friendship with Caroline continue on as well? Viewers may get some answers on the Ladies of London Season 3 reunion show. As the Inquisitr reported, Caroline explained that there was no Season 2 reunion show due to logistical challenges but that she’ll push for there to be one for the next season.

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