Dr. Phil Show, Cash Me Outside Howbow Dah!

‘Cash Me Outside Howbow Dah!’ Teenage Girl Returns To ‘Dr. Phil Show’ This Week

Internet sensation Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli — better known for her meme-inspiring phrase “cash me outside howbow dah!” — is set to return to the Dr. Phil Show this week.

In a promo for her return to the Dr. Phil Show, the “cash me outside howbow dah!” teenage girl has a message for the TV program’s viewers.”You wanna do it again?” Yahoo! Celebrity News reported that Danielle Bregoli asked in the promo.

“Cash me outside howbow dah!” is a catch-phrase the Dr. Phil Show audience first heard back in September as a part of the “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime” program. Since the show first aired, the famous clip from the Dr. Phil Show has been viewed more than 95 million times and netted thousands of memes inspired by the phrase.

The episode dealt with mothers attempting to deal with their daughter’s out of control behavior. In what would have been an otherwise forgettable piece of daytime television, the exchange between Phil McGraw and Danielle Bregoli became an overnight Internet sensation.

After eliciting laughs from the audience for her response to a question from the host, Danielle Bregoli looked out into the crowd and insulted the mostly-female gathering. “And all these hos laughing like there’s somethin’ funny,” the teenage girl said.

“She’s talking about the audience, that they are laughing at her,” her mother Barbara Ann interpreted for Dr. Phil.

The host was almost incredulous in his response to Danielle Bregoli. “Did, did you say the hos are laughing?” Dr. Phil asks. “So the audience’s a bunch of hos?”

That’s when Danielle Bregoli uttered her meme-inspiring phrase. “Cash me outside howbow dah!” the 13-year-old said to the audience. To see a longer version of the Dr. Phil Show clip with explicit language, check out this video.

“Catch you outside? What does that mean?” Phil McGraw asked the teenager.

“Catch her outside means she’ll go outside and do what she has to do,” mother Barbara Ann interpreted for the audience again. “That’s what she’s talking about.”

As her daughter begins to interrupt her, Barbara Ann continues to tell Dr. Phil about her daughter’s behavior. “This is all, but don’t you see this is all mouth. This is mouth.”

When Danielle Bregoli asks her mother if she wants to take this outside, her mother reminds her that she flipped her in a previous altercation. “You wanna do it again?” she asks, standing up to get into her mother’s face.

“Baby, don’t get all tough,” mother Barbara Ann said as her daughter approached. “Please don’t. This is not the place and this is not the time.”

“Sit down,” Phil McGraw added, admonishing the teenager to return to her seat.

After saying “cash me outside howbow dah!” Dr. Phil McGraw delivers his opinion on the family dynamic and situation. The full clip from the Dr. Phil Show where he discusses the family’s issues can be seen below (Warning: Explicit Language).

Thousands of memes have popped up over the last four months.

People reported that on the original show, Danielle Bregoli stole a vehicle from one of the Dr. Phil Show crew members to prove her abilities. On the show, Barbara Ann told Dr. Phil McGraw she would rather hand Danielle over to the authorities than continue dealing with her rebellious daughter.

Currently, there is no air date set for the episode being filmed next week. The Dr. Phil Show airs in syndication.

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