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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Will Come To PC With Mod Support And Exclusive Features

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata reveals that the PC port may be a challenge but it’s going to be worth it with mod support, custom quests, exclusive features, and more.

The arrival of Final Fantasy XV was a bittersweet experience for the gaming community. Sweet, because we waited a decade for it, and it has been worth every minute of the wait; bitter, because yet again, Final Fantasy has decided to leave the PC port for later.

If you have been with Square Enix, playing Final Fantasy since it released, you’ll know that the company tends to neglect PC ports. As PC gaming continues to thrive and develop by the day, with more powerful computing machines and laptops getting more affordable, more and more developers are publishing to both consoles and Windows platforms. In fact, most AAA games release on the PC alongside the console.

But Final Fantasy will always be a Square Enix project. Final Fantasy 13 only released on the PC years after it released on the console, long after sequels of Final Fantasy 13 released on the console. Should we expect the PC port of Final Fantasy XV to have the same fate?

This week, Weekly Famitsu talks to FFXV director Hajime Tabata on what FFXV has in store for the fans, Genmatsu reports. In addition to digital sales, fan satisfaction, DLC plans, and virtual reality content, we get to hear straight from him that Final Fantasy XV’s PC port is going to be phenomenal to make it worth the wait (because we’re sure it’s going to be quite a wait).

Some of the highlights of the interview include the DLC plans for Final Fantasy XV, which Tabata hints could unlock a new playable area.

City of Insomnia is the main setting of the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and a large part of it gets destroyed before the setting of the Final Fantasy XV game. This is why in-game, only a small portion of the ruined city could be explored by the players.

City of Insomnia from Kingsglaive movie [Image by Square Enix]
City of Insomnia from Kingsglaive movie. [Image by Square Enix]

Tabata reveals that if they’re going to introduce new playable areas in future DLCs for Final Fantasy XV, Insomnia will be the first on their list.

“We might remake playable areas in future expansions, but since that would take a year, it is not currently in our plans. For argument’s sake, if we were to prepare new fields, Insomnia would also be a candidate, but that also would take a year’s worth of work.”

Asked whether a PC port will be in the tracks of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime says:

“I’d like to release the game on PC as a technical attempt. I want to show PC users Final Fantasy XV running on high-end machines, and we personally would like to see it, too. Also, I would like to try developing on PC to pursue a unique way of playing with PC-exclusive features like making your own quests and enjoying the world using things like mod.”

Although this sounds like an exciting plan, the new point of concern, then, is what kind of specs an upgraded Final Fantasy XV would require? Final Fantasy 13 did not require monstrous specs when it released but that’s because it’s a 2014 PC port for a 2009 console game. If Tabata is serious about introducing custom quests and technically-advanced mechanics for the PC port of Final Fantasy XV, then we should be prepared for demanding specifications. Oh, and surely, and more than 60 GB of free space, too!

Final Fantasy XV continues to entrance gamers on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, hours into the game. With new DLC content coming in, and a patch for Chapter 13, as GameSpot has confirmed, PC gamers are only hoping they get to experience and enjoy the same very soon.

[Featured Image by Square Enix]