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Kat Von D Splits With DJ Deadmau5, Spills Details On Twitter

Kat Von D Splits With DJ Deadmau5, Spills Details On Twitter

Kat Von D and DJ Deadmau5 are no more.

The 30-year-old tattoo artist has broken up with her boyfriend, announcing the split to fans on Twitter. As the New York Daily News reported, Kat Von D and DJ Deadmau5 started dating in September after meeting at a party.

The 30-year-old Kat Von D has made a name for herself in reality shows like Miami Ink and later LA Ink but has also seen her relationship drama become tabloid fodder.

She had been previously linked to Jesse James, the tattooed motorcycle man who cheated on wife Sandra Bullock. The two were actually engaged to be married in January 2011 but ended their engagement nine months later after rumors emerged that James was cheating on Kat Von D.

Kat Von D has been married once before, wedding fellow tattoo artist Oliver Peck in 2003. The couple split up after four years of marriage.

The 31-year-old Deadmau5, formally known as Joel Thomas Zimmerman, is a Canadian electro-house music producer, DJ, and performer based out of Toronto.

For her split with Deadmau5, Kat Von D told explained to fans and followers what happened in a series of tweets on Saturday.

Deadmau5 seemed to acknowledge his mistakes in the relationship with Kat Von D.

“Going to spend a little while screwing my head back on,” he tweeted. “I guess im not cut out for relationships right now. and that’s all i really want to dwell on it right now.

He appears to harbor no ill will toward Kat Von D, as he later tweeted, “I’ll figure it out. no hard feelings.”

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27 Responses to “Kat Von D Splits With DJ Deadmau5, Spills Details On Twitter”

  1. Suesan Borts-Bredall

    Maybe she should try dating someone who isn't a known musician or a celebrity. Find another unique soul who has artistic flair, but is a little more low key.

  2. Stephani Sinclair Coker

    Anjulique Wolf Call – that makes no sense. She's not going to settle (well, I wouldn't think), and you HAVE to date to figure out who's right. And, Bonnie Jennings-Drown – LOOSER? REALLY? HAHAAAAAA

  3. Ari Wolf Tatko

    "Dead Mouse" is a DJ that was in remedial spelling when he was growing up. Apparently, he thinks the number five is a suitable substitute for the letter S.

  4. Debbie Bailey Johns

    What does she expect she is going to attract with all those tats? I doubt anyone with any self respect would want to be seen with a woman who is tattoed from top to bottom the way she is. And the sad thing is she is a very pretty woman if you don't have to see all the tats.

  5. Melissa Baker

    Tattoos don't define a person; character defines a person. You're quite presumptuous and judgmental which doesn't make you any better than the people you speak down upon.

  6. Sean Ryan

    If no one with any self respect would want to date a tattooed person, then there must be a lot of those out there in the world including my sisters and those who date them.

  7. Doc Tattood

    thats like telling someone who is overweight they will never find a good man because of the way they look….some of us see past whats on the outside….personally i think shes beautifull in alot of ways….shes a kind giving person whos made a few bad choices….

  8. Jacqueline Henninger

    That is a very narrow minded, presumptuous and judgmental statement. Kat Von D has accomplished an incredible amount: She's one of the best tattoo artists on the face of the planet, she owns a successful art gallery and has her own very successful makeup line. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it has nothing to do with the amount of tattoos one chooses to place on their body. Just because she does not fit into the technically aesthetic definition of mainstream beauty, l think Kat Von D is beautiful with or without tattoos, and there will never be a shortage of men that think the same way I do. Has she made some questionable choices in terms of relationships? Sure, but who hasn't. There's no need to bash her on any level.

  9. Andrea Karen Bridgeman

    Wow..Why does this stuff make the news? and in other news today, millions of Americans are without a job and people all around the world are starving! If we did not give one minute of our time to read this trash, then maybe the media would stop posting/printing these stories!

  10. Amelia Bolton

    because you are FBing it silly. Don't give them the exposure on here too.

  11. Elizabeth Devos

    I'm confused a) why we should care and b) why there needs to be an announcement of break-ups for anyone that has dated only a few months (this includes over dramatic people I know IRL who announce break-ups when there isn't really an established relationship.

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