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Lee Min Ho To Enlist Sooner Than Expected? — Suzy Bae Romance Off? [Rumors]

Lee Min Ho, the Korean drama actor well known for his roles in Legend Of The Blue Sea and Boys Over Flowers, may be starting his mandatory enlistment much earlier than any of his fans expected.

According to Koreaboo, there are rumors that the actor could be enlisting in as early as March or April.

However, Lee Min Ho’s agency has said that they have no actual enlistment date, because the confirmation letter has not been received as of yet.

“We do not have an official enlistment date yet,” a statement from the agency read. “We are waiting for the notification letter. He will enlist once the letter with the date comes.”


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Because of a previous injury that he sustained in a 2006 car accident alongside fellow actor Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho will be serving his enlistment as a public service worker as he has been classified as unfit for combat duties, after the official physical examination done by the Military Manpower Administration.

Actor Jung Il Woo enlisted in the military in December of 2016.

As The Straits Times notes, all able-bodied South Korean men are expected to enlist in the military for 21 to 24 months because the country is still technically at war with North Korea.

According to Koreaboo, when he enlists this year, Lee Min Ho will do his service until he’s released in December, 2018, or January, 2019. Legend Of The Blue Sea, which ended on January 25, was his last project before enlistment and he has two scheduled fan meetings in mid-February.

Korea Portal reports that Lee Min Ho will meet 6,000 fans in Seoul on February 18 and 19 and will double as a celebration of Min Ho’s 19 years in the Hallyu industry.

The timing of Lee Min Ho’s enlistment is of great concern to many of his fans. As Korea Portal notes, one fan shaved her head in response to the news of his impending compulsory military service.

Min Ho reacted to news of that in a subsequent interview, Soompi reports.

“I saw the articles about it,” Lee Min Ho said in response to a question posed by Sina Entertainment, a Chinese media outlet last year. “I could feel her sincerity, and I was very moved. But, to be honest, I don’t yet have any specific plans regarding my enlistment or the timing of it. Because she already shaved her head, it could be that when I do end up going to the army, her hair will have grown out quite a bit.”

Now that fans are coming to terms with the fact that Lee Min Ho will be absent from Korean entertainment for at least 21 months, there are questions as to whether his relationship with Suzy Bae will survive.

Neither side is very open about the relationship, but as Yibada reports, Suzy Bae seems to be dropping some very subtle hints about the status of their relationship on her reality show, Off The Record.

During the fifth episode, Suzy played a drinking game, Truth Or Drink, where she had to answer a question honestly or take a drink. At one point Suzy was asked about her ideal type. Here’s what she had to say:

“In the past, I used to like a person who’s sexy,” Suzy said. “I liked a sexy person like Ian Somerhalder but I like someone like Choo Sung Hoon nowadays. A guy who’s really built and looks like he’ll appear on UFC. I like a guy who can protect me.”

It’s interesting that Suzy would say that Choo Sung Hoon is her ideal type now since he looks nothing like Lee Min Ho.

Do you think that Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship will survive his enlistment? Are they even still together? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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