Jinger Duggar May Be Pregnant, Talks Enjoying Married Life

Jinger Duggar May Be Pregnant, Talks Enjoying Married Life

Jinger Duggar has everyone guessing when she will announce that she is expecting. She married Jeremy Vuolo in November, and the couple has kept a low profile since then. Duggar is living with him in Texas, hundreds of miles away from the only place she has ever called home. It appears that the last few months have been good for her as she claims she is enjoying married life.

Several months ago, Derick Dillard talked to the Counting On cameras and guessed that Jinger Duggar would be expecting before the end of the year. Fans were shocked at the admission, as her wedding date had not yet been announced. It was just a few weeks later that she walked down the aisle, and her special was aired as the season finale of Counting On. It all made sense then, as the Dillards were remaining stateside for the wedding and subsequently will remain in Arkansas now that Jill is expecting her second child.

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According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar is playing coy about when she intends to start a family. Rumors have been circulating that she is already pregnant and is waiting until she hits her second trimester to announce the news. The Duggars tend to make announcements in a big way, using them to boost ratings for their show. There is speculation that Jinger will wait until Counting On is ready to end before she says anything about expecting her first child. Both of her sisters were pregnant immediately after marrying their spouses, but that doesn’t mean the same will happen for Jinger.

It seems that Jinger Duggar marches to the beat of her own drum. She has always been the most unique sister, at least among the older girls. Her passion for photography has kept her busy, doing family photoshoots and helping her sisters with their own personal pictures. Jinger and Jessa have grown up to be the best of friends, with Jessa and Ben introducing her to Jeremy Vuolo. It seems that there may be some feelings about the move after the wedding. Jessa joked about Jeremy “stealing” her sister. The fact that she is the first child to move away permanently has affected the entire Duggar family.

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With married life being new for Jinger Duggar, she seems to be enjoying learning everything there is to know. She has watched her parents for two decades and has learned some valuable things about love and happiness. Duggar has been taught about the basic needs for a housewife, trading out chores with her other sisters and helping with the younger siblings. Being homeschooled kept her from being overly social with people other than her immediate family, but she seems to be doing well meeting friends in Texas. It seems that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are getting along just fine during their newlywed period.

Things haven’t always been easy for Jinger Duggar in the spotlight. When the scandal with Josh Duggar broke, she was very upset by the situation. She was visibly uncomfortable when she spoke on camera about it, as she was allegedly one of the victims. Since then, Jinger has come out of her shell more. Her relationship with Jeremy Vuolo made her glow and fans instantly knew this would be the man she married.

There has been talk about her wanting to live a more private life, which is possible now that she is no longer in Arkansas where the filming occurs. It is unclear how much filming she plans to do for Counting On, or how much longer she will remain linked to the show. Jinger Duggar is embracing married life and that will remain her main focus for the forseeable future.

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