Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Bill Maher Spews Jinx For Patriots: Drops F-Bombs For Trump-Loving Team

Bill Maher used one very vile word over and over again when it came to the New England Patriots for being a Trump-loving team. He specifically targeted Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft during his Friday night show. Maher’s foul-mouth roll ended with a jinx of a send-off, when he said – “I’d really like for them [New England Patriots] to lose by a score of a million-fu*king-thousand to none.”

As far as Maher is concerned, the Patriots are a team that is full of Trump lovers and not only does he not want anything at all to do with them, he doesn’t wish them well in their Super Bowl endeavor on Sunday. Maher was on a roll bashing the New England Patriots Friday night to the point that even his panel of guests looked a bit baffled at times.

Maher told the viewers of his HBO show that it has been a long time since he has been interested in a Super Bowl, but this year he has a “fierce love of the Atlanta Falcons.” He then pulled it back saying “I could give a sh*t about Atlanta. Maher then continued on with his Trump bashing targeting three from the New England Patriots team as Trump lovers. This Jinx-like spew coming from Maher wasn’t lost on New England Patriots fans as well as Donald Trump fans, who took to the social media sites defending Trump and the Pats.

Maher said that his love for the Falcons stems from Tom Brady being “the first to display a ‘Make American Great Again’ hat,” reports the Daily Beast. There was no hesitation for Maher, as he began his spew using words that were as blunt as blunt could be when talking about the quarterback’s relationship with Donald Trump. He went on with his spiel about Brady by adding a “F-you” for him in the end.

Maher said, “And back when Tom was asked if he thought Trump would be president, he said, ‘I hope so. That would be great!’ Hey Tom: fu*k you! You’re a great quarterback and your political instincts suck.”

Tom Brady was very aware during the season that the subject of Donald Trump was fully loaded and he attempted to skirt the issue when reporters approached him on his relationship with the new president of the nation. At one point he did ask why everyone was making such a big deal out of this, only to get more backlash from critics across the social media sites.

After he was done bashing Brady, Maher moved onto the Patriot’s coach and the letter Belichick wrote to Donald Trump congratulating him on his election win. Maher’s spew on Belichick got laughter from the audience, but a couple folks on his panel of guests looked uncomfortable with what Maher said about the coach. Maher’s jaw-dropping words for New England’s coach are below.

“Coach Bill Belichick loves Trump so much he sent Trump a fan letter during the campaign,” said Maher. “Wow, that’s some serious butt-licking, coach! Let me give you some advice for the big game: fu*k you, Belichick. Fu*k you and your deflated balls you joyless cheating fu*k!”

Maher even blamed Trump on changing him from a once elegant talk-show host to a man screaming “fu*k you.” In contrast to this vile display by Maher, Donald Trump was explained much differently by the Patriot’s owner, Bob Kraft.

Kraft sat down for an interview with Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade this week at the stadium where the Super Bowl will take place. What he had to say about Donald Trump, who has been Kraft’s friend for the past two decades, offered a side of Trump not often publicized. Kraft talked about Trump’s support after he lost his wife to ovarian cancer in 2011.

He said that his good friend Donald Trump was there for him when he needed the most support. Not only did Donald and Melania Trump attend the funeral, Donald Trump visited Kraft. He called Kraft once a week for a year after his wife died, which was long after everyone else had waned with their support. Kraft had nothing but praises for President Donald Trump, conveying to Brian that Trump will make a difference in this economy and get the country moving again with jobs.

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