Woman Stuck Between Buildings

Woman Stuck Between Two Buildings Rescued By Firefighters [Video]

Providence, RI – A woman who became trapped between two buildings early Friday morning had to be rescued by area firefighters, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

An allegedly intoxicated woman taking a stroll near Brown University attempted to take a shortcut between two buildings. Figuring she could fit through the very narrow eight inch gap, the lady ventured down the alleyway. It was then that she became lodged and unable to move.

Passersby stumbled across 22-year-old Courtney A. Malloy in the alleyway around one in the morning. Her rescuer then phoned authorities for a little assistance.

“It appears she was trying to make her way through the alley, and it got too tight for her and she kept trying to get in,” Fire Captain Jeffrey Varone explained to NECN. “She wedged herself in, about 24 inches off the ground, in a horizontal position.”

In order to free Malloy from her predicament, firefighters had to bust open one of the buildings.

“Eventually, one of the firefighters that likes to run a lot was able to work himself into that area and assist in removing her,” Varone said.

One witness who spotted the woman stuck between City Sports and FedEx said one of his friends heard her screaming for help as they walked by.

“One of our friends was walking by and heard this girl screaming for help. Then, all of a sudden, we saw fire trucks and ambulances and police officers show up,” Simon Swig explained. “They were on top of City Sports, looking down into the crack and trying to find a way to get her out.”

Not surprisingly, people are extremely curious about the situation. It’s not everyday that a 22-year-old woman finds herself wedged in an alleyway.

“Everyone wants to know how, you know, how she sort of got stuck in there,” Swig said.

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