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One Direction Reunion Rumor: Talks For Comeback Album, Zayn Malik Returns?

One Direction has already confirmed they aren’t breaking up, but now that they’ve been on their hiatus for over a year, fans are beginning to wonder when the band plans on getting back together for another album.

According to reports, with the likes of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles all working on their own projects right now, it doesn’t look as if the foursome are even thinking about reuniting in the studio for another album — at least not yet.

It’s been confirmed that the One Direction members have signed solo contracts of their own, with the intentions of releasing their debut albums within the next year, reportedly starting with Niall, who has already enjoyed commercial success with his song, “This Town.”

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Aside from wanting to give their solo careers a shot, Payne is just weeks away from welcoming his baby into the world. Last month, it was confirmed that the singer was expecting his first child with British pop star Cheryl Cole, who is said to be ecstatic by the pregnancy and can’t wait to raise her toddler with the 23-year-old, The Sun reports.

Taking all of this into consideration, there’s no way that Liam would want to reunite with the rest of the One Direction members. The group knows that getting back together and renewing their contracts would evidently give them little to no time with their own projects, along with juggling their personal lives.

For someone like Liam, who will become a father and wants to try out a solo career of his own, going back to being a member of One Direction would be a huge step backward, a source reveals, adding that the boys are currently figuring things out for themselves.

Whether it’s becoming a solo artist, or just simply getting the much-needed time away from touring and recording albums, One Direction won’t be putting out any new music until all four of the remaining members are on the same page regarding their career plans.

“We all know they are all working on their own things right now, but Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry are definitely for it but it will be years down the line. When they have done all the stuff they want to do personally,” the source tells Hollywood Life.

“People forget that they all wanted solo glory, but were put together as a group. They want nothing more right now than to succeed by themselves before thinking of getting back together.”

From what the outlet has gathered, a new record from One Direction isn’t expected until 2020, and that would be the earliest that fans would hear some new material from Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis.

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News of One Direction’s long hiatus as a collective group might be hard for fans to accept, considering that once they do decide to get back in the studio together, five years would have passed, which raises the concern of whether people would still care to listen to their music.

When One Direction reunites in the next couple of years, insiders aren’t ruling out Zayn Malik’s return, but this would supposedly only happen under certain circumstances.

Fans will recall Malik publicly stressing how he no longer felt comfortable making music targeted at a younger demographic, having wanted to take on a different approach to songwriting — one that is mature and quite explicit in storytelling, as seen with his debut single “Pillowtalk.”

“The only wild card is Zayn,” the source reveals. “He might not return if they decide to get back together.”

It’s too early to tell whether or not Zayn will return to One Direction, but one thing’s for sure, the group won’t be getting back together for another three years, at the very least.

How do you feel about One Direction’s hiatus?

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