Kim Kardashian jealous of Beyonce?

Kim Kardashian Jealous Of Beyonce’s Spotlight? Yet To Publicly Congratulate Bey

Kim Kardashian is jealous of the attention Beyonce is getting after she announced that she is pregnant with twins, a source allegedly close to the reality TV star claimed. The alleged source said Kim is not exactly over the moon about the news that Queen Bey is pregnant with twins, and she is upset that Beyonce has stolen the spotlight.

Kim’s reaction is allegedly the consequence of a longstanding rivalry with Beyonce, Radar Online writes. Multiple sources have claimed in the past that despite the friendship between Kanye West and Jay Z, Bey and Kim simply don’t get along.

And Kim’s failure to publicly congratulate Beyonce on her pregnancy after the announcement on Wednesday has lent credibility to the questionable rumor that she is jealous of the attention Bey is getting.

Following Beyonce’s internet-breaking announcement, Kim was spotted in NYC on Wednesday evening dining out with friends, but she was yet to publicly congratulate Beyonce on her pregnancy, as the Mirror noted.

According to Radar Online, the source alleged that while social media was buzzing with the news that Beyonce was expecting a set of twins, Kim Kardashian was busy plotting how to steal back the spotlight.

“Kim was shocked at the Beyonce news and she was totally checking it out and seeing how many people like the post,” the source said. “Then when her friend Chrissy Teigen started tweeting that she was best friends with Beyonce, she was actually hurt and worried.”

“Congrats to my best friend Beyonce I love you so much,” Chrissy Teigen had tweeted.

“While everyone was tweeting and sending congratulations to Beyonce and Jay Z, Kim and Kanye did not say one word about it on their social media.”

As the excitement over Beyonce’s announcement exploded on social media, Kim started tweeting to remind her fans she was still there.

“That’s why she started tweeting. She thinks she’s a bigger star than Beyonce. She is the biggest star in the world.”

She tweeted to her fans that she had updated her popular app, “Kim Kardashian Hollywood.”

“Had to change up my look in #KimKardashianGame! Have you guys seen the latest update? @KKHOfficial.”

But when the internet hardly noticed, Kim came up with a new stratagem to steal Beyonce’s thunder, according to the source. She announced solemnly that she and her friend Chrissy Teigen were starting a book club.

“So guys… @chrissyteigen & @jenatkinhair & I are starting a book club!.”

But the internet hardly noticed.

Earlier on Wednesday, Kim had appeared to drop a hint that she was pregnant.

The Inquisitr reported that the reality TV star sparked speculation on social media that she might be pregnant when she retweeted a fan’s message to her 49.9 million followers.

“RT if you’re getting pregnant in time for the Kim + Kanye kids line launch.”

The fan tweeted the message after Kim revealed that she and Kanye were launching a new clothing line for kids, and posted a Snapchat of her daughter, North, 3, modeling a yellow dress and a mini jacket.

But Kim eventually denied speculation that she was pregnant when a fan asked, “Are you saying you are pregnant?”

“Definitely not,” Kim responded.

According to the alleged source, “The fact that Beyonce is going to have more kids than Kim once her twins are born absolutely drives Kim nuts! Kim was totally trying to steal Beyonce’s baby thunder yesterday.”

“Kim is going to try harder than ever right now to get pregnant because she is constantly searching for a way to one up Beyonce,” the source added.

“She seems so jealous that Beyonce is more famous than she is. It doesn’t seem like Kim will ever be okay with that.”

But another source close to Kim attempted to dispel the rumor.

According to Gossip Cop, a source close to Kim denied the rumor that the KUWTK star is jealous of Beyonce. The source insisted that the rumor is false and that Kim is thrilled for Beyonce and Jay Z.

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