CW's 'Reign' Season 4 Trailer Shows Mary's Need For Revenge Against Elizabeth

‘Reign’ Season 4 Trailer Released: Mary Seeks Revenge On Elizabeth

Reign Season 4 may be the last, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be exciting. The CW released the official trailer for the upcoming season, and it is clear that the two British queens will be against each other. Mary is certainly out for revenge on Elizabeth after the ending to Season 3.

Reign fans have waited since June of 2016 to find out how the season would play out. The last fans saw was Elizabeth order Lola’s execution, and that execution was carried out, despite Narcisse trying everything to prevent it. Now, word will reach Mary about the execution of her best friend, who had been in Elizabeth’s court as a spy.

While Mary and Lola have had their ups and downs, they have always found their way back to each other. Mary has always been devastated when something has happened to one of her ladies, whether it has been death or the need to leave her court for personal reasons. Lola was the last by her side and the only one fans saw regularly. It will be strange not to have Lola on screens any longer.

The Reign Season 4 trailer makes it very clear that revenge is on the cards, and Catherine de Medici is in full support of it. In fact, she says that avenging a wrong is a justice.

Of course, that means Elizabeth is on the defensive. She fears that Mary will take her throne since there are still plenty of Catholics in England.

It won’t be all about revenge in Reign Season 4. This will also set up Mary’s last two husbands. Both Lord Darnley and the Earl of Bothwell have been cast and will appear in the season. It is unclear just whether the historical drama will follow history exactly — so far it hasn’t, so why start the trend in the final season? — but it is likely that some of it will follow suit, such as Darnley’s death.

TV Line debates whether Reign Season 4 will follow the history books for Bothwell. He was accused of a very prominent murder, despite Mary taking him has her third husband.

There are also debates over how the show will end; history isn’t very favorable for Mary, Queen of Scots. After fleeing Scotland and abdicating her throne, she asks for help from Queen Elizabeth I. Instead of help, Mary was locked away and eventually executed — the date of which falls on February 8, just two days before Reign Season 4 premieres.

The Season 4 trailer certainly makes it look like Mary’s execution will be used. Could Mary be forced to flee for her safety and end up in the wrong hands? Will Elizabeth maliciously sign Mary’s death warrant and have her cousin executed or try to put the past behind them too late in the day to save her?

Some of the show will still take place in France, by the looks of some character appearances. Henry of Valois has been recast and will now appear to be between the ages of 18 and 25. This is Francis’ younger brother and also the heir to the throne should his brother Charles die without children. He isn’t too happy with the way his brother is ruling the country, and it looks like some of this season will tell that story. Could this mean Bash will be around for a few episodes?

There isn’t going to be a lot of time to tell the last couple of decades of Mary’s life. Reign Season 4 will either need to be extremely fast-paced or change a lot of history. Which will it do?

Are you looking forward to the start of Reign Season 4? Tune in for the final season’s premiere on Friday, February 10 on the CW.

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