Ariana Grande performance at Madison Square Garden in December 2016.

Ariana Grande: ‘Everyday’ Is An Old Song With New Life

The Ariana Grande “Everyday” single is making a major comeback in time for her “Dangerous Woman Tour” this week, with a new lyric video, enabling everyone — fan or not — to sing along.

Ariana Grande released “Everyday” on last year’s Dangerous Woman album, which, according to the Inquisitr, got a boost on the charts just weeks ago. That usually makes sense for singles months before an album is released.

The album that “Everyday” is on — Ariana’s third release — will be a year old in May. However, by keeping the tune in circulation as if it were a new song, people should continue to listen while Ariana Grande works on some new material.

As the Inquisitr article states, “Everyday” would not be considered her fourth (or technically fifth) single to be released.

It even includes a tweet by Ariana Grande herself saying that it’s the fourth single, which is only right until you realize there’s some confusion with her other releases from the Dangerous Woman album.

Ariana Grande is spotted at the American Music Awards.
Ariana Grande appears at the American Music Awards (AMA) in November of 2016. [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

Originally, the first single to 2016’s Dangerous Woman was “Focus,” which was released in October of 2015. That’s plenty of time to build up the hype five months before it came out.

Then, early 2016 saw the release of “Into You,” the album’s title track, and “Be Alright” before Dangerous Woman officially dropped in May of 2016.

With Ariana Grande releasing “Everyday” as an official lyric video, it gives her more control over how she promotes her own work to keep it away from swindlers and bootleggers. Because really, how many of them can pay her enough to dance to and sing with the song?

And it’s certainly true that Grande has been pretty busy with projects related to and outside of Dangerous Woman.

Those who are not familiar with her work — for whom “Everyday” is likely designed — might recognize her presence from her appearance as a guest host on Saturday Night Live (SNL), which provides another accessible door to her work.

Social media obviously gives artists like Ariana Grande broad access to other audiences, such as when she became political and threw her support behind Hillary Clinton last year, tweeting her disappointment over the results of the election, as reported by the Inquisitr.

But Ariana Grande breathes new life into the “Everyday” lyric video, not only by adding lyrics on the screen but with her singing along to them.

Ariana Grande on stage singing with Big Sean.
Like man duets, Ariana Grande sings a song with Big Sean in 2014. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Future’s vocals are also in the song, but he’s not in the video, which would certainly be a new direction for a lyric video to go in. But at that point, why not just go all the way and make a full blown music video?

Perhaps because much like the subtitles in foreign films, it might not go down very well, as it would be too distracting. But then again, Ariana Grande might even be able to get away with that.

The reason this is true is because many are writing about the hair extensions she appears to be wearing in the video. Even that is already blowing up the internet. Us Magazine got the scoop on those extensions back in 2014, so much like the “Everyday” lyric video, it’s kind of an “old hat” in a new package.

Through all of this, Ariana Grande is clearly involved in a meticulous promotional campaign for her album, which was drawn out for months with simple innovations along the way. Many of the singles also feature cameos with other big names, including Nikki Minaj, in order to sell it big.

Ariana is aware that “Everyday” is an old track, and she’s even said that she is working on new music, which she will likely debut on her tour. Once the “Dangerous Woman Tour” is over, fans and non-fans alike will perhaps see new tracks coming out, although it is largely dependent on how her record label wants to pursue any future promotional/marketing efforts.

At the time of this writing, the video has already past 4.3 million views on the official Ariana Grande Vevo channel on YouTube. Word of caution: The Ariana Grande “Everyday” lyric video is uncensored and not for those who might be offended.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]