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Mitt Romney’s Secret Service Detail Ditched Him ASAP

Mitt Romney Loses Secret Service Detail Immediately

Mitt Romney’s Secret Service detail wasted no time fleeing his side after the former GOP Presidential hopeful lost to President Obama. While many Presidential candidates in the past have enjoyed protection for a short period of time after the election ended, Romney lost his 15-car motorcade in less than 12 hours.

According to GQ:

“At some point, early Wednesday morning, when Gov. Mitt Romney and family were tucked into bed, a quiet call went out on the radio channel used by his Secret Service agents: “Javelin, Jockey details, all posts, discontinue.””

On Wednesday Romney was driven to the airport not by a motorcade of highly trained protectors but instead by son Tagg Romney.

The Secret Service does not have any type of guideline in place for how long it must protect a defeated Presidential candidates. In deed it is up to the detail leader to determine how much protection is needed after an election.

John McCain suffered a similar fate in 2008, however there was one difference, McCain insisted on saying goodbye to the men who protected him. In Romney’s case the detail simply packed up in the middle of the night and left.

Before anyone goes and points fingers at an agency that hated Romney, the truth is the Secret Service is made up of a small group of individuals who are overly busy throughout the year. The agency became even more busy in April 2012 when a prostitution scandal led to some demoralization within the agency’s ranks.

Had Mitt Romney won the Presidential election in 2012 he would now be swarmed by agents 24/7, as would members of his immediate family. Instead the Secret Service have disappeared and Mitt Romney is now driving himself to the grocery store.

For the secret service there was some good news when Mitt Romney lost, it meant they wouldn’t have to work 12 hour shifts for eight weeks straight as agents transitioned from the Obama camp to the Romney team.

Mitt Romney didn’t only lose his secret service detail, he has reportedly been losing 847 Facebook friends per hour.

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28 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Secret Service Detail Ditched Him ASAP”

  1. Lon Landis

    And, I understand, the campaign credit cards used by disheartened Romney staffers were voided as they tried to pay for transportation home!

  2. Anonymous

    Mitter wasn't worth the SS. Nor is crybaby sissy John B. Both of them are millionaire's thus have ample funds for their own SS. In fact the535 club salaries must be reduced 50% given the non-performance. I wonder if most Americans REALIZE they are paying idiot Joe Wilson (now defeated) child support?

  3. Alan Mortensen

    It's because the secret service had to go into overdrive protecting Obama from all the right wing crazies that are riled up from the election.

  4. Anonymous

    "Mitt Romney’s Secret Service Detail Ditched Him ASAP" Well, why should we be surprised; nobody likes him! Every major state where he lived, Michigan, Mass. (where he was one term Governor), Calif. (where he is building his mansion with car elevator inside), ALL VOTED AGAINST HIM IN THIS ELECTION, SO THAT PROVES THAT THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW HIM THE BEST, ALL DITCHED HIM TOO! That is what happens when you grow up filthy rich; get even richer with your vulture capitalistic ventures, and become so pompous that you can't even look at yourself in mirror!

  5. Anonymous

    All of you people who have responded SO negatively against Mitt Romney are quite vicious and nasty. Sounds as though you're jealous of all the money he has made…smart man. Obviously, your loyalties lie with the Democrats. No surprise there!

  6. Barnaby S Smithfield

    I hope that each and every one of you gets exactly what's coming to you…a nice rapid death or better yet a long slow slog at death through some painful throat cancer because that's exqactly what you are to america a as your man alan grayson says we republicans want you to do…DIE QUICKLY SCUM OF THE EARTH.

  7. Rob Long

    Minista Amanda Truth hurts huh? The SS detail was no longer required and the money to support them should go elsewhere. Its ok for Obama to waste all of HIS money right? to the tune of 6 TRILLIOn..

  8. Rob Long

    As a supporter of Romney, you dont deserve the blessings he would have brought this country. YOu deserve the travesty and misery that is coming and i hope it hits you and your family the hardest.

  9. Rob Long

    that has not been reported anywhere. Basically, i say its the same kind of lie Obama was telling throught the whole campaign.. But its not enough to stop when its over, you have to keep on.. Good for you. You live in that hole called LA and youre getting to pay more than your fair share of taxes.. Thank you.

  10. Rob Long

    I think you have some really screwed up analysis, but hey all Democrats do. Its clear youre jealous of his success and accomplishments in life because clearly, you will never get close. Here's a thought, now that all of you liberals have voted for more handouts, eventually those of us who pay for it will no longer pay, and then what will you do? Just print more foodstamps? The problem with a liberal is that they are too stup1d to learn from history, they just keep thinking up new ideas on how to avoid work.

  11. Jason Mason

    Rob Long You are a buttfuckingidiot. Oklahoma is a GIANT welfare-dependent red state. A huge majority of government handouts go to all the red states; uneducated inbred hick RepubliCONS from the South and crapholes like Oklahoma, yet they vote for an elitist pig like Mittens. That is just how stupid you Teabagging zealots are!!! You and Mittens are LOSERS. Now eatshitanddie.

  12. Jason Mason

    Rob Long I think your brain is covered with Dust Bowl dust. Why don't you take it like a man? Your crooked peckerheads LOST! HAFUCKINGHA

  13. Jason Mason

    Rob Long I am all for ceding OK and TX to Mexico. May the cartels carve you nicely with their machetes.

  14. S.K. Roy

    Rob Long, in your estimation, Secret Service failing to protect Obama from riled-up right-wing crazies will result in what, exactly?

  15. S.K. Roy

    Wow, Minista Amanda, your mere sound of contemplation has elicited Rob Long's spite! Well done.

  16. S.K. Roy

    Yeah, that's right. SOOOO jealous. SOOOO jealous I'm starting to photosynthesize so I don't have to be a 'taker' anymore.

  17. Janet Stockey Swanborn

    This story doesn't add much perspective. They talk about John McCain wanting to say goodbye to the men. But nothing here about what's usual, or even how long McCain's detail stayed. The experiences of two candidates are insufficient data.

  18. Jim Anderson

    another example of a libtard headline..the text of the article in fact points out how the Secret Service is a small group of overworked people and that the detail commander gave the order to disengage..which the commander has discretion to do since no guidelines exist. What it meant was that Romney had no outstanding threats left and the resources needed to get some rest and get redeployed for things like getting Michelle coffee and arranging her protection on her next expensive vacation.

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