Ted Nugent Meeting with Secret Service

Ted Nugent Is Right, You Guys, We Do Have A Problem With Makers And Takers

Commentary | Ted Nugent’s post-election Twitter rant has been one of the biggest stories on this site this week, with a country divided revealed in the comments on Dan Evon’s earlier post on Nugent’s remarks.

Ted Nugent, as hateful as he comes off to the left, seems to speak honestly for many on the right in the wake of the election. Makers and takers, conservative media fumed, the productive class and the entitlement class seemed to decide the vote on Tuesday in the minds of many.

And Ted Nugent and his ilk are right, it would appear — there are very well makers and takers in this country, a productive class of makers and an angry, lazy, selfish bunch of takers … it just seems that we actually have our media narrative on the issue, at least among conservative talking heads, all wrong.

The very voters Nugent seems to speak for in his rant — and let’s be frank here, angry conservatives — are largely concentrated in certain states.

And the so-called red states, which consistently swing for candidates that decry welfare and listen religiously to voices like Rush Limbaugh about makers and takers, are the most likely to take more money from the big federal kitty than they put in.

red states and welfare

In short? The makers are in the blue states, by and large, voting for President Barack Obama. That doesn’t even take into account the number of large corporations that lobby against Obamacare and paying fair wages, that cry into their tea when anyone tries to shut their casinos yet allow the federal government to subsidize their businesses through bailouts, handouts and food stamps for their underpaid employees.

While big companies like Walmart game the system to keep workers in poverty, we pay the cost of Always Low Prices in the way of food stamps and Medicaid for their legion of employees. We picked up the tab for the housing market orgy as the architects of it walked free and far, far wealthier than they had been.

It’s time Ted Nugent and his followers take their statistics medicine and face the truth — we are a nation of makers and takers, and we are fed up, but it seems we will no longer tolerate the finger-pointing by the guiltiest of us all.