Breivik Shows His Displeasure With The Court

Anders Breivik’s Imprisonment Raises New Questions About Crime And Punishment

Commentary | As more of the details of Anders Breivik’s life in prison begin to emerge, a contentious debate is occurring about the entire concept of crime and punishment. Breivik brutally murdered 77 innocent human beings, yet he only received 100 days for each of his victims. His 21 year long sentence, and the life he lives behind bars, has forced society to take a new look at a very old problem.

While many people were already puzzled and disgusted by the ridiculously light sentence Breivik received for his crimes, nothing prepared them for the shock they felt when the details of his imprisonment were revealed. Breivik lives in a three room suite, equipped with a laptop computer, television and exercise equipment. Even if he serves his entire sentence, he may leave prison a relatively young man, when everything is all said and done.

The abandonment of any reasonable justice in this case will provide little comfort to the survivors of Breivik’s crimes or the family members of the 77 human beings whose lives were torn away from them without warning. While Breivik sits at his laptop or uses his exercise machine, his victims are all gone; condemned to rot in the earth for all eternity. At best, they will be frozen in the memory of a lover or parent. More than likely, many will suffer an anonymous fate, and fade away like an old photograph.

I do understand the opposition to capital punishment; especially considering the way the death penalty has been used against the poor and minorities. But we are not talking about executing Breivik; instead we are asking why someone, who was found to be legally sane, was given such a trivial sentence, after committing such a terrible crime. A sentence that may allow him to walk away with much of his life still intact.

In order to grasp the insanity of Breivik’s imprisonment, we must examine the philosophy of criminal justice in Noway. A nation that constantly proclaims its own advancement and enlightenment, despite the fact that the country is rated the most antisemitic state in the Western world. A country where Jews are vilified, and Israel is constantly condemned as a murderous nation, yet a real murderer gets a slap on this wrist in a holiday camp after he slaughters 77 helpless men and women.

Breivik's Prison Cell With Exercise Machines