Kate Middleton Attending BAFTA After William 'Puts His Foot Down' As He Declares She Will Be By His Side|Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

William Won! Could Kate Middleton Now Be Welcome To BAFTA As A Distraction?

Proving that he does take very good care of her, Prince William has apparently won the battle with the powers at be at BAFTA and is now bringing his wife Kate Middleton to the British awards show on February 12. What has occurred and could BAFTA possibly have an ulterior reason for the Duchess of Cambridge attending?

After insiders revealed that Kate Middleton was not welcome to BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Kensington Palace has quenched any rumors that William would be attending solo. It appears that the Duke of Cambridge will be attending with his lovely wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the EE British Academy Film Awards ceremony at The Royal Albert Hall.”

The Sun confirmed that the couple will walk the exclusive red carpet and be in attendance throughout the ceremony that this year will be hosted by Stephen Fry. In addition, Prince William will be presenting the Fellowship award.

“The Duke, President of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and The Duchess will meet Bafta representatives and watch the ceremony. The Duke will also present the Fellowship.”

An inside source claims that BAFTA was rightfully “mortified” that the palace got wind of the internal conversation within the organization’s hierarchy that were concerned that Kate’s appearance would be a distraction. Now, they are falling over themselves to accommodate William and Kate.

“But BAFTA were mortified that their discussions had got back to the palace and couldn’t do enough to try and accommodate them both. They were falling over themselves to welcome her by the end of it.”

When it was first suggested that Kate sit this one out, William “put his foot down” and made it clear that he was not attending without his wife by his side.

“William was unimpressed at any suggestion Kate wouldn’t be welcome to join him – he put his foot down and made it clear he wasn’t prepared to come without her.”

There were concerns raised that Catherine would take away the spotlight from the stars that were being honored at the event. BAFTA senior figures didn’t want to ruffle the feathers of any starlets that were in attendance.

“Two senior figures at BAFTA raised concerns in planning meetings that having Kate at the event could detract from proceedings on stage.”

According to The Sun, it appears that the BAFTA secret meetings are going into overtime. Now, word has it that there is a concern from BAFTA and the BBC that every award winner will go into a rant against newly inaugurated United States President Donald Trump.

“The anti-Trump bandwagon in Hollywood is particularly volatile at present, with the most ardent campaigners using any high-profile platform to express their views.

There is a lot of concern as to whether they should say anything to the nominees about mentioning Trump, and have contended that there will be occasional references to Trump.

“Nobody wants to tell the stars what they should or shouldn’t say and bosses expect the odd reference.

There is some consideration that they will be forced to limit the time of the speeches in order to avoid long rants about Trump as he has recently been invited to Great Britain, and they do not want to cause any controversy.

“But the last thing they want is a string of political rants — particularly with Trump’s UK visit and his Muslim ban in full flow.”

Meryl Streep went into a widely reported rant about the Donald at the Golden Globes, less than two weeks before Trump was sworn in. Since that time, there has been a Muslim immigrant ban that has caused havoc in airports around the world with refugees and green card holders unable to fly into the United States because of the lack of clarity with this ban.

As it is reported that those behind BAFTA are concerned about a relentless succession of Trump rants, they may now feel relieved that the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could garner a good share of the spotlight and keep the headlines occupied by their attendance and not about anything negative said. Instead of focusing on political rants, the papers may instead focus on the couple and even which designer fashionista Kate Middleton is wearing.

Could it be possible that the senior advisors decided that welcoming Kate Middleton to accompany Prince William could possibly became the solution to a politically charged awards show? Very possibly. Now, there is a lot of buzz on whether the Duchess will wear an Alexander McQueen or Jenny Packham gown. Photographers will certainly be on the couple and any sort of political buzz will be muted by the hubbub surrounding the very popular Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

What do you think about Kate Middleton now attending BAFTA? Do you think that the hierarchy was wrong in suggesting that William go without his wife? Do you think that Duchess Catherine’s attendance will distract any Trump rants at the awards podium? What designer do you think Kate will wear?

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