Scheana Shay Admits Marital Issues Caused Her Bizarre Behavior During Katie's Bridal Shower, 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Opens Up

Scheana Shay Admits Marital Issues Caused Her Bizarre Behavior During Katie’s Bridal Shower, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Opens Up

Scheana Shay is finally opening up about what was happening last summer when Katie Maloney was planning her wedding. Fans watched Vanderpump Rules last week and saw some pretty bizarre behavior out of some of the bridesmaids. Shay was seen complaining to Maloney about the cost of the bridal shower which is not proper etiquette at all. There was some upset at the amount of money it cost to host the three-hour event, and Scheana Shay was not happy with having to cough up her portion of the expenses.

There has been a lot of talk about Scheana Shay and her relationship drama playing out during this season of Vanderpump Rules. The couple filed for divorce back in December, but their marital issues went public back in November. According to Bravo, Scheana Shay admits that she was out of line when complaining to Katie Maloney about the cost of her bridal shower. She also revealed that right around that time she was experiencing financial issues with Mike Shay. He was reportedly running up her credit cards and taking money out of their savings. Of course, no one knew what was happening at the time, but Shay did mention last week that he was missing for a few hours.

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It has been hinted that the issues between Scheana and Mike Shay will play out on Vanderpump Rules and it appears that last week was the start of their downward spiral. Things had been hot and cold with them at events before the shower, but that is when the money issues were brought to light. Rumors circulated that Mike drained Scheana’s account and was possibly using drugs again. While that has not been confirmed, it wasn’t a far-fetched story to believe given his history. Now, they have officially filed for divorce and are waiting for the judge to grant their request.

After her marriage had fallen apart, Scheana Shay didn’t wait long to move on. She has been sharing Snapchat pictures of a mysterious man. His face is never seen, and it was rumored to be Mike Comrie, though that was debunked by Shay herself on Watch What Happens Live. A few weeks ago, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval appeared on the show with Andy Cohen, and when he asked about Scheana, Ariana didn’t give any info, but she all but confirmed there was a new man in her life. Things are finally settling down after several weeks of drama between Scheana and Mike, and Vanderpump Rules fans can’t wait to see what happened to cause their split.

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Tonight, a brand new episode of Vanderpump Rules is airing, and all of the girls are still upset with Scheana Shay for her mistake in telling Katie Maloney her gripes about her bridal shower and the cost. Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder have been hard on her during the planning, but it appears they both were there for her during the marital issues she experienced. Several of their social media accounts tell stories of friendship, even if there is a little bit of jealousy every now and then. Scheana admitted that sometimes there are situations where the girls are not genuinely happy for one another, and that jealousy is sometimes an issue.

Things are starting to crumble around Scheana Shay on Vanderpump Rules, and she hinted that fans would be able to see where things went wrong in her marriage. There isn’t much information about what to expect, but it was confirmed that even though the cameras weren’t rolling when news broke in November about the split, they were put back into action to follow the process leading to divorce. Scheana Shay has moved on with someone new and is currently waiting for her divorce to be final.

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