Lily Allen anti-Trump tweet offensive

Lily Allen Refuses To Apologize For Or Remove Anti-Trump Tweet Calling LGBT+ People ‘F*gs’

Lily Allen may have a powerful voice on social media, but it doesn’t mean she’ll be choosing her words carefully to avoid backlash, according to the Mirror. The 31-year-old “Alfie” singer has been slammed by members of the LGBT community for tweeting, “F*gs hate Trump.”

Promoting her new anti-Donald Trump video on Twitter, Lily Allen wrote, “f*gs hate Trump,” which apparently was a reference to the Gay Times, which earlier wrote the same line in one of its tweets.

Both the Gay Times and then Lily Allen were referencing a placard that shows the line which is held up by an anti-Trump protester seen in her latest video. The “Smile” singer filmed the black and white music video for her cover of Rufus Wainwright’s “Going To A Town,” but she got more attention, not for the video itself, but thanks to that offensive tweet.

In the video, which was recorded at the Women’s March in London, Lily Allen features hundreds of anti-Trump protesters, including the one holding up the “f*gs” slogan. The “Air Balloon” singer apparently thought it would be a good idea to also make a separate tweet about it.

Whether or not she did it on purpose to attract more attention and viewers to the video, hundreds of social media users hit back at Lily Allen for the “f*gs” tweet. The “Hard Out Here” singer hasn’t deleted the tweet, nor has she apologized for it.

In fact, a spokesperson for Lily Allen explained to the Mirror that the “f*gs” tweet was just a reference to the Gay Times.

“She was referencing/retweeting something that Gay Times had tweeted which included an image of a placard being held up by a Trump protester with that wording.”

But several social media users slammed her for the use of the word “f*gs,” while one user asked Lily Allen if she also calls black men the N-word just because others do.

Others also hit back at Lily Allen asking her not to believe the stereotype that all members of the LGBT community voted against Trump. In fact, one person wrote, “I’m trans and I still love Trump!”

Lily Allen’s “f*gs hate Trump” stunt helped her music video reach a little more than 200,000 views on YouTube, as before the tweet the music video had struggled to boast good ratings on the video streaming platform.

Lily Allen’s music video for her “Going To A Town” cover features such lyrics as “I’m so tired of America,” and is accompanied by footage filmed at the anti-Trump march in London. Before Trump’s inauguration, the F-ck You singer included the song in her anti-Trump inauguration playlist.

Watch the music video here.

Ever since Trump announced his presidential bid, Lily Allen has been a vocal critic of the Republican and has even tweeted out offensive comments about the now-U.S. President in the past, according to the Telegraph.

Last summer, Lily Allen called Trump a “moron” in her tweet, which was a response to the then-presidential candidate’s tweet about how Scotland voted in favor of Brexit. Except it didn’t. In the tweet, the “Smile” singer called Trump a “moron” and corrected his false claim by saying, “Scotland voted IN.”

In the early morning last Friday, Lily Allen took to Twitter to react to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s meeting with the U.S. President. The “Smile” singer was very skeptical about May’s negotiating skills at the meeting, as she wrote, “a bad deal is better than no deal.”

Lily Allen boasts nearly 6 million followers on Twitter. The singer released her latest album nearly three years ago, in May, 2014.

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