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Disney Pixar Movie Secrets Revealed? Viral Video Highlights Hidden Surprises From Past Films That You May Have Missed

Disney Pixar movies apparently have a lot more to offer than what meets the eye!

According to Screen Rant, there were quite a few “hidden secrets” and added surprises worked into memorable scenes of some of the most popular Pixar movies. The Screen Rant team released a now-viral YouTube video which shined a spotlight on 10 different “secrets” that may have slipped past the naked eyes of even the most dedicated Pixar fans over the past two decades.

Keep in mind that there has been a vast number of conspiracy theories and fan-fiction related to Pixar movies that have been published online over the years. One specific theory claimed to reveal the “true identity” of Andy’s mother from the Toy Story movie franchise.

There was even a theory that claimed young Riley from the popular Pixar film Inside Out actually grew up to become Andy’s mother from the Toy Story films.

Each of these theories went into great detail, attempting to prove the truth in their allegations by dissecting key scenes, story lines and character developments.

What Screen Rant accomplished with this viral video, though, is nothing like those conspiracy theories at all. Instead of rumors, allegations and conspiracies, each of the 10 “secrets” extracted from the Disney Pixar movies featured were based on actual clips and zoomed-in footage from the films in question.

For example, the video references a scene from the 2007 Disney Pixar film Ratatouille– an adorable tale about a rat named Remy with a passionate desire to become a culinary chef who unsuspectedly ends up becoming close friends with an untalented kitchen worker named Alfredo.

In the targeted scene, Alfredo tries to find the perfect hiding spot for his newly discovered rodent partner to keep him out-of-sight while working in the kitchen. Most Disney Pixar fans remember that it did not take Alfredo very long to decide to keep Remy inside of his chef’s hat. Doing so allowed Remy to guide Alfredo’s hands and body movement – immediately transforming him into a talented chef of sorts. However, those same longtime fans probably forgot about where Alfredo was going to put Remy before he decided on the chef’s hat.

As shown in the viral video, one particular camera shot shows Alfredo stretching out his pants – essentially showing that he considered putting Remy in his pants long before he chose his hat. Alfredo must have been a huge fan of the 2004 Disney-Pixar film The Incredibles because his underwear had characters from the film all over them.

That is just one of the many “secret” from Disney Pixar movies referenced in the viral video. Fans of the emotionally-stirring Toy Story 3 are in for a huge surprise when it comes to the memorable scene where Buzz Lightyear tries to escape the daycare. If you pay close attention to the wall in the background, you can see paintings of Nemo and Dory from the 2003 film, Finding Nemo.

Viewing these types of revealed “secrets” and surprises from Disney Pixar movies will more than likely affect the studio’s fans in 2 different ways. First, they will want to dive into rewatching each of the past movies to witness these hidden treasures with their own eyes. Finally, they will pay extremely close attention to anything that Disney Pixar releases in the future – including Cars 3, The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 – to look out for any more “secrets” that the studio may have under development right now.

[Featured Image by Matt Stroshane/Disney Parks via Getty Images]